The Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes new members and celebrates the success of current members at our networking events.

ROCCI Hosted a Certification Network with a twist on the  27th September 2016 held at Kleine Constantia Boutique Guest house.

ROCCI Members standing and new came out to enjoy the cocktail evening, where all could network and new members received their certification of membership from the Chamber, handed to them by ROCCI President Marietjie Esterhuizen.

Then for the highlight of the evening, esteemed firewalker and motivational speaker, Cobus Visser of Superman life offered the guests to do the Firewalk. Cobus motivated the crowd with his inspirational life story, before the walk , leaving people in awe.

Off went the guests shoes and the attendees lined up in taking the next step over the burning coals and one by one, they did the firewalk, cheered on by the other guests. The chanting and motivation support was astounding as one could hear the unison chant of “ice cold, ice cold, ice cold”, as each person did their walk and a hearty cheer and clapping after each individual successfully crossed their finish line.

The atmosphere electric and excitement build and some guests even walked the fiery walk twice and three times over.

Thereafter guests enjoyed little snacks and some wine in the beautiful but cozy setting that is Kleine Constantia guest house, amidst the Constantia residential district, a warm glow casted by the fireplaces, tiki torches and rustic candle lamps, added to the atmosphere. The networking commenced well into the evening and all members got to socialise and catch up and enjoy the exciting evening.

ROCCI congratulates all brave members who took the walk over fire and welcomes all our new members.

Thank you Cobus Visser of Supermanlife, for inspiring, making the firewalk a reality and for motivating all.

Article Written by:  Michelle Mc Intosh-Marais 

ROCCI   Logistics Co-ordinator



The Roodepoort Northsider 9th October 2016

WELTEVREDEN PARK – Rocci networking event held to hand out certificates and motivate members.

The Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Rocci) treated their members to a very special networking and certification event at the Kleine Constantia Boutique Guest House in Weltevreden Park.

A fire pit greeted attendees outside the guesthouse, not because of cold weather, but for an entirely different reason.

Certificates were handed out to current and new members of the chamber. Members certainly had the opportunity to feel like royalty with wine and cannapés being served. Rocci president, Marietjie Esterhuizen opened the event by thanking everyone for participating. Not only did members receive certificates, they also had the opportunity to listen to a mid-week motivational talk by Cobus Visser.

Visser is an author, speaker, international trainer, life coach and master fire-walk instructor. He got people nervous when he mentioned that the fire outside was 500 to 600 degrees hot and that he wanted the members to have a go at fire-walking. The whole idea of getting members involved in fire-walking was not to freak them out but to convince them that anything was possible if you put your mind to it.

He urged people to take off their shoes and make the little voices in their heads silent. “Look to where you want to go and say to yourself that the path you are walking on is ice cold,” said Visser. Member, Diane Graham was the first person to take the plunge and walk on fire.

Rocci’s main goal with this event was to create a fun networking event for each member.

by  Roodepoort Northsider – Mari Rheeder