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Chief Operations Officer

Isabel Janse Van Rensburg

Coming from a Banking & Financial background, Isabel is an avid believer in building business relationships, believing in achieving goals, thinking out the box and has the saying of “how can we make it work”, instead of shooting ideas down. Isabel is well respected by her team and has a meticulous attention to detail. On her down time, Isabel loves spending time with her family and grandchildren, and enjoys reading and arts and crafts. As the Chamber Manager Isabel strives in building and nurturing all Members, bringing solutions to the table, in empowering their businesses and strives to ensure the best quality deals and opportunities for all members. Quote: ” Life has so many layers of ups and downs, we grow and learn everyday and being part of that change is wonderful”.


Diane’ Graham

Account Manager

Having come from an accounting and HR background Diane’ enjoys being creative, in the events department, she enjoys creating new innovative ways of bringing members together, inventing themes, finding venues and artists and expresses her artistic side when selecting the décor of venues in creating the correct atmosphere for the relevant events. Diane’ on her down time loves spending time with her daughter and family, playing golf and cycling and the outdoors. As an events coordinator she enjoys the creativity and the challenges that go with that, and loves creating different environments for Members for every event. Quote “Life is a creative adventure which I love, being social and having full along the way”

Logistics & Legal Business Professional/ Account Manager

Michelle D Mc Intosh-Marais

An avid believer of Servamus  (” To Serve” ), Michelle comes from a strong HR, Legal, journalist and Business Specialist background, being a “Jill of all trades”, she has vision to see solutions in the more dire of circumstances, with a positive outlook and “out of the box” thinking method. Running various quadrants in all aspects of Business Development, Legals & Logistics, Michelle was also the producer,script writer and organiser of ROCCI’s  Media Madness Show, is a published writer and writes articles for many publications and websites and loves interaction with members on all levels. Legals and Logistics covers a lot of different sections within the Chamber and she strives to create open channels with every member with personal attention to every member, on an individual basis. On her downtime she loves reading, spending time outdoors, spending time with her family and spending hours in serving her community, by volunteer work. To serve in ROCCI, she loves the daily challenges and goals in the ever changing world of business and seeing members grow and becoming a success. Quote: “To serve is an honour,a privilege and a way of life for me, to stand fast in my faith and serve to the best of my ability, brings me joy,peace and happiness”.


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