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Assured Security Solutions is a Gauteng based company extending their services across South Africa . The company is centrally based in Mogale City , close to all main routes including Airports, sport stadiums and other places of interest. (Cradle of Human Kind, Game reserves and Soweto – Mr. Mandela’s hometown) We have access to all the centralised information and data required in an investigation. What makes the company unique in the security business is that the directors and staff of Assured Security Solutions are committed to a safe South Africa where all the knowledge, training and experience that they offer has been accumulated. With the knowledge of the local criminal and his involvement in the international crime syndicates the company is able to react to a situation in its early stages preventing major losses or loss of life.

Technology makes the world go round and Assured Security Solutions recognises the importance of using the highest technological advancement in rooting out criminal activity and are committed to remaining informed and up to date with technological improvements in the market place. All of our senior members are former highly trained police officers and detectives from the S.A.P.S. with years of experience in criminal investigations, commercial crime, fraud, serious and violent crimes (previously known as murder and robbery unit) and corruption investigations as well as specialist experience in V.I.P protection.

The company was formed in 2003, in reaction to the need for specialized and confidential services in security and investigations for the private individual as well as the corporate commercial businesses, including many of our government sectors.

We specialise in:



Services Offered:

The company prides itself on its experience and specialist expertise in V.I.P protection and the personal safety of its clients. This protection covers discrete surveillance and armed bodyguard protection and is offered to high profile individuals, company CEO’s and directors as well as top government officials.

The unique “Women Protection” service offered by “ASSURED SECURITY SERVICE ” in this country is for both high profile women and housewives. The service covers lady CEO’s on business trips. The client remains under surveillance and protection from the time they leave home until they return from their trip. A specialised 24hr live in service for women at home alone that have been threatened by estranged husbands or other predators and peeping toms. In today’s environment jealous husbands or possessive lovers.

Assured Security Solutions offers professionals of the highest standards. A detailed background check and skills assessment, during which all employees’ previous history regarding protective skills, planning ability and people skills, were done before employment. All employees were highly trained former SAPS and Military members and were trained in VIP \ Executive Protection. These employees provide protective services in Government and private agencies.

We, as Assured Security Solutions, provide training of the highest standards to personnel employed as protectors, in both Government services as well as with the private sector. We offer a variety of specialist training courses. Training is an on going process to keep the personnel alert. All our staff are experts in the following fields that is offered by our Company:

  • Para- medics
  • Advance planning
  • Escort procedures
  • Counter surveillance
  • Counter assaulting
  • Sharp shooters
  • Divers
  • Skippers
  • Rescuers
  • Survivalists
  • Unarmed combat
  • Bomb IED reconnaissance
  • Immediate action drills
  • SWAT
  • Defensive tactical drivers
  • Defence against chemical and biological attack.

All staff is trained from solo low risk to high-risk team operations. If requested, references can be provided.

All members of the company are registered with the South African Private Security Industry Authority (PSIRA).

With access to confidential information and with the help of modern technology our specialised team thrives on detailed reporting and solving crimes that are not open and shut cases. The art of obtaining information is reflected in the success of solving the investigation.

Our highly trained staff will penetrate your company and investigate your stock shortages and once the source has been discovered we will attain the necessary evidence to ensure that a conviction in a court of law will be obtained. Using our undercover agents and investigators can do this. Staff can be interviewed and statements can be obtained and the Company’s shortcomings can be assessed regarding the installation of C.C.T.V. cameras (digital video recordings), access control (impro system) and much more.

Assured Security Solutions will infiltrate your business by entering as an employee and operating undercover to expose criminal activities within you business. Our agents are highly trained to infiltrate syndicates and groups in your work place causing companies to loose millions of rands. They work hand in hand with their handlers who are experienced investigators to build a prima faci case.

With the aid of the forensic department of the S.A.P.S. and other specialised departments, Assured Security Solutions will investigate and obtain a conviction in a fraud case within your organisation. Our investigators and owners of A.S.S have extensive experience in the Medical industry and sent several professional people to prison. Several cases worth millions were recovered by us and several cases are still pending. Several references are available on request.

The company is able to conduct confidential and private research on individuals. This includes criminal records; vehicle and fire arm ownership, financial records, cellular telephone and travel records as well as surveillance operations. During our surveillance operations the client will receive daily written reports with photos depending on the clients needs and the circumstances of each case must carefully be considered.

The company can offer assistance to companies at the pre-appointment stage, especially with regard to the analysis of previous criminal records and credit records.

The company has access to polygraph testing and voice stress analysis should this be needed in assisting to identify suspects or irregularities in your company. This is also a tool used on a regular basis by our investigators. We also use it to scan new applicants or staff in a conviction or clearing of a suspect.

We offer planned and calculated solutions to your business and/or home security by carrying out a full survey of the property and business and presenting an action plan for you to consider. We only recommend tried and trusted systems, which have proved themselves in the market.

The technical division of our business will supply and install all the necessary equipment eliminating the risk of too many installers on your premises and exposing your security system to a wide market of possible unscrupulous criminals or informers.

Our workmanship is of the highest quality and standard as only the best trained technicians are used. Our C.C.T.V. products that we install are ISO compliant.

Assured Security Solutions provides two (2) major guarding segments, namely

  • Industrial Guarding
  • Corporate Guarding.

The guards are highly trained former military and koevoet members. Guards are specifically trained and briefed for a task before commencement. Home security is treated with as much attention as that of corporate tasks, making our service very specialised.

We also offer a hands-on service meaning that we see too that only appropriately trained staff are appointed to fulfil our clients specific needs, regarding access control, intelligence and crime prevention. Our guards must have a good knowledge and understanding of the Criminal Procedure Act, to insure that they know what is expected of them. Our guards are proactive and able to work hand in hand with our own investigators and C.C.T.V operators.

We have successfully combined our elite guarding services with counter intelligence operations. The counter intelligence aspect prevents the coercion between security guards and your personnel. A guard duty service is offered to persons on holiday and on business trips where their home is left unattended for a period of time. Senior members of the team will monitor the guards for maximum security.


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