Business Stressing You Out??? Read This!!!

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Business Stressing You Out??? Read This!!!


  • Feeling stressed out because of work pressure?
  • Feeling incompetent and alone because you feel like the guppy in the ocean, out there in the business world?
  • Tired, fed up and just downright frustrated because your feet feel stuck in cement?
  • Do you feel like you are screaming your heart out and not being heard?

Well, LOOK UP!!! Chin Up!!! We will help you!

All around Business people are feeling the strain of the grunting economy, the endless red  tape, slammed doors, bad service delivery, endless problems, it seems, and daily trying to barely muster enough energy to get out of bed and drag your weary self out there to earn  living and go back into the battlefield of earning a living.

We have heard people say “What’s the point?”, “I can’t  do this anymore”, “people are so rude”, We can’t get sales”, I have been done in again”, People are just not listening or paying their invoices”, “Sick of doors slamming in our face”, I’m making endless calls and emails sent to collect our money”,” we can’t cope with our staff problems”, ” We don’t understand this new BEEE and YES Compliance 101 thing”, “the industry is quiet” etc  etc etc, it is a long list of concerns raised and leads to endless exhaustion and frustration and gets overwhelming doesn’t it?

We have THE Solution to make it all better!

Rule number ONE!  – Breathe

Rule number TWO! – Become a ROCCI Member


Simple! We HEAR you and we are YOUR “Voice of Business”. Our ROCCI family have all you need conducive to every single industry and 4 decades of it!

We have your back, we are your “Voice”, we  can and will help you and guess what?, You are NOT alone anymore!

Feeling better yet?

It gets better! No more hustling ,busting your chops, groveling and grueling out there alone!

ROCCI is  here for you, we have all you need, to help you grow and become successful, no matter if you are a one person business or a corporation, we at ROCCI Care about our Members and give” Voice”, and we HEAR you, we share your joys, frustrations and help you succeed every step of the way.

We at ROCCI shoulder the responsibility of our Members, we strive to ensure you get ahead on every level and you get to enjoy a huge amounts of benefits along with it, stress free.

So What’s the Catch?

Nothing! There is NO CATCH – Its as honest and simple as that! Chambers of Commerce & Industry were developed to help the Business community to take hands,(not throats) and to stand together in unity in growing business and the community in empowering, advancing and making the industry better. As Business evolves every second of every day, so ROCCI Chamber adapts develops and creates to keep up and helps with many resources and benefits exclusively available to Members.

Being a member is not only a privilege, but shoulders a responsibility, thus our codes of ethics and bylaws are strict and we hold liable those who may be questionable and promptly expel and remove them and disassociate from all questionable business dealings. Should an extreme case arise, which is very few and far between in our Chamber, we take immediate legal action.  No person in Business wakes up in the morning wanting to be hacked, done in, scammed, betrayed, and wishes to do or be done in by dodgy business dealings! Thus our Chamber will not tolerate any of our Members conducting or be exposed to any such dealings and we protect and shoulder that responsibility to look out for our Members and our Chambers best interests.

May sound a tad harsh to some, but we at ROCCI shoulder that responsibility, striving to ensure our members can do Business with like-minded individuals who share the same codes of morals, ethics and codes of good business practice, with ease and peace of mind, knowing that you are in good hands.

Ever wondered why Overseas Business are so successful?

The majority of all countries around the world have a compulsory obligation to belong to a Chamber of Commerce & Industry, thus even when they register their companies it is a mandatory requirement to get approval from a Chamber who will accept them.

So what’s the hesitation?

Misconception, Education, Assumption are the three most dangerous downfalls is business.

People Misunderstand the concept of a chamber, the don’t have the knowledge of how a Chamber is imperative to operate and be successful in their business and assumption starts with ASS— Never assume that the chamber is a redundant entity or operates without knowing the facts.

In South Africa all Chambers operate differently, ROCCI is proudly the busiest Chamber on the African Continent and offers benefits and goodies, second to none on a national and international scale. We know our worth, do you know yours?


Come and meet us and find out more.

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