ROCCI Celebrates Women in Business, thus started a platform over a decade ago named Lady ROCCI.

ROCCI awards recognition to all women in Business, who have become leaders in every Industry.

Through diversity & struggle, we have had the privilege to watch women grow into confident,successful independent Business leaders over the years.

Lady ROCCI is an Individual Membership exclusive to Business Women, and ROCCI hosts this Lady ROCCI Platform, giving Voice to our Women in Business.

This platform celebrates women and the mornings are filled with the most inspirational,motivational and awe inspiring women from all over the world.

Lady ROCCI – Celebrating Women Warriors in Business!

OCCI’s Prestigious Annual Business of the Year Awards Gala

ROCCI is well known for hosting one of the most prestigious Business of the Year awards on a National basis for over two decades.

Each year the theme is different, but the glam and the high accolades raise higher each year,in business recognition & awards issued to the best of the best.

Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry ( ROCCI ), seeks to identify,acknowledge and awards those Businesses,persons and services to the highest degree.

The Judging process is unique as the Chamber is. ROCCI employees are excluded from the judging process, for the simple reason of ensuring right standing, fairness and open clarity. The entire judging process is run independently by list of National rotating business experts each night, from different fields of expertise.

An independent head adjudicated judge oversees the entire process and on the final judging night, all the judges and experts come together and make their decisions based on the criteria, the presentations,their authenticity and credibility of each award.

Just to be nominated on a national level is a huge honour and the nominations are open to the public on a national basis. You can nominate today at – should you qualify, an invitation and requirements will be sent to the nominated persons.

There are strict guidelines and requirements needed for the presentation before the judges, so the awards are scrutinized and awarded to the best of the best.

ROCCI has had the privilege is seeing some incredible businesses emerge and showcase their stuff over two decades and this years New Process is higher and stricter than ever.

ROCCI hosts this much anticipated prestigious event second to none.

We at ROCCI congratulate all the nominees for this years 2019/2020Annual Awards and look forward to the Awards Gala to be held in May 2020, where ballroom gowns and tuxedos will shimmer and shine, the shows displayed and finally it will be revealed who the winners will be.

Watch this our website as we will be posting all the nominees over the next coming weeks. Judging starts 15th February 2020 – Get your nominations in.

ROCCI’s Annual Wacky Potjiekos Competition

Each Year ROCCI Hosts their Annual Wacky Potjiekos competition. This platform brings Members together in team building, healthy competition, great social networking and a all around fun day for all.

The Pots are themed and the sky is the limit. The teams consist of 4-person teams and a cook off starts early in the morning. All the participants are dressed up and theme their posts and personalities accordingly, so much fun and a lot of laughter is heard throughout the day.

Top Judges from all over come and taste the crazy concoctions and Potjies, ranging from Top Chef contestants, to celebs and top Chefs from all around South Africa get to judge the pots to determine the winners.

All prizes are sponsored by fellow members and a great day is had by all.

To book your team and or become a sponsor call us today or mail

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