We provide Industrial Psychology Services to clients within Southern Africa. We work

across multiple industries.

Fitz Best is owned by Lylie Beukes, a Registered Industrial Psychologist with sixteen

years’ experience. Lylie has practiced in Australia, Zimbabwe, the UK and South Africa.

Our services cover:

The Recruitment Process

  • Audits of existing recruitment processes to make sure that the right person is hired the first time (we are not a recruitment agency)
  • Job analysis – to ensure that the job role is understood correctly
  • Identification of relevant competencies
  • Job descriptions – these include person specifications
  • Selection of relevant psychometric assessments which meet the requirements of the Employment Equity Act
  • Administration, feedback and report writing of psychometric assessments
  • Design of competency-based interviews
  • Training for competency-based interviewers
  • Design, administration and facilitation of assessment centres


  • Investigation of turnover in new hires

 Employee Engagement

  • Employee engagement surveys and facilitated action planning sessions

Tel:              078 0440853



Location:     Johannesburg


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