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The Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ROCCI) started in 1983, serving the business community in Region C of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Area. Roodepoort is situated within Region C and its surrounding suburbs are mainly residential areas, with lower levels of economic growth compared to the central business areas of Randburg and Sandton. The region includes agricultural holdings in the north, mining in the south and commercial areas like Westgate, Constantia, Northgate, Princess Crossing and Laser Park.


With wide-ranging changes, taking place in South Africa, as well as internationally, business people will find it more difficult to operate in isolation and ensure survival. Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry is part of the chamber movement represented by the South African Chamber of Business (SACCI) and its almost 50 constituent Chambers is a lifeline for business people. The chamber movement addresses all the economic, social and political issues affecting the business community in one way or another. The chamber movement is apolitical. It is “The Voice of Business” and it ensures that this voice is heard where it matters – where it is necessary to protect the interests of business, at local, regional and national levels.

Why a Chamber of Business?

The South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI) and its Chambers play an important part in the decision-making process in this country. No individual business should allow itself to be left out of this involvement. No business should deprive itself to the advantages to be gained, nationally and internationally, from membership of the Chamber Movement. SACCI is the largest business organisation in the country. Through Roodepoort Chamber and other constituent Chambers, it has a total membership of close to 20 000 businesses, most of them small and medium-sized. Chambers and its members ascribe to ethical standards of business practice designed to promote respect for business in a way that ensures that the interests of society and business converge.

A chamber is established in a town or city for the following reasons:

  • To assess and evaluate the needs of the local business community
  • To monitor development at the local level
  • To mobilize business opinion on local issues
  • To exert a positive influence on the environment in which business operates
  • To promote and encourage the pursuit of a high standard of business ethics
  • To disseminate information that is useful to the business fraternity
  • To create opportunities for improving business skills
  • To extend business contacts locally and nationally, and to allow individual business-people to share in the national business decision-making process
  • To uphold the market economy and private enterprise system
  • To be “The Voice of Business” – a binding force combining the skills and influences of men and women engaged in business in one form or another

Benefits to Business

The increasingly complex business and social environment requires a comprehensive support structure to ensure the most favorable climate for the continued viable existence of individual businesses in a system of free enterprise. At the same time, the chamber movement facilitates adjustment by business to those realities that cannot be altered. Involvement in the Chamber movement bears abundant fruit for the wellbeing of each business. Thousands of successful businesspeople can testify to the enrichment of their own skills and the development of a network base through active participation in Chamber affairs. If you are a businessperson with vision, you cannot afford not to join the Chamber movement

Mission Statement

To be the “Voice of Business” so as to create an environment in which the Business Community and its people can flourish and to provide a high level of service to its members.

ROCCI’s 5 Big Ticket Items for 2013 / 2015 in pursuance of its Vision are:

  1. Membership
    Retention, expansion, recognition and reward.
  2. Tourism
    Together with the local hospitality industry and jointly with Joburg Tourism Co. (JTC) establish Roodepoort and surrounding areas as a destination of Choice.
  3. Safety and Security
    In collaboration with the SAPS and Security, companies engage in a meaningful relationship that will create a climate in which business can prosper in relative safety.
  4. The Green Economy
    Creating awareness amongst all businesses in reducing their carbon footprint;
    driving towards a separation of waste at point of collection to make recycling of waste an imperative;
    the restoration of full landfill sites to people friendly venues such as Parks and Gardens
  5. SMME Development
    Continuing with ROCCI’s current developmental programme with greater emphasis on Mentorships
    and Business Linkages, by the establishment of a ROCCI Advice Desk or in collaboration with our
    business partners.

ROCCI Presidents through the years

Quintus Lottering: President – 2017 –
Marietjie Esterhuizen: President – 2015 – 2017
Wessie Van der Westhuizen: President – 2013 – 2015
Sakkie Stoltz: President – 2011 – 2013
Clive Kau: President 1997 – 2010
Yvonne Larkins: President 1993 – 1997
Stan Cox: President 1992 – 1993
Horst Wagner: President 1991 – 1992
Bernard Robertson: President 1990 – 1991
Altus Strydom: President 1989 – 1990
Stan Cox: President 1988 – 1989
J. van der Merwe: President 1986 – 1988
J. Zidel: President 1983 – 1986

Code of Ethics

The promotion of high standards of business ethics remains central to the Chamber’s mission.  Every member, on joining the Chamber, undertakes to observe the ROCCI Code of Business Practice, adopted in 1993.

This Code of Ethics is drawn from the set of common values derived from the values of the membership, and the membership’s desire to develop and promote cooperation and collaboration between members. The onus is on each member of our Chambers to acquaint themselves with this Code of Ethics and develop an appreciation of the code within the context of their business dealings. Our Chambers expects each member to strive to incorporate the principles into their business conduct.

The business will:

  • We accept the competitive private enterprise systems the best means of ensuring that the requirements of the customer are full and faithfully met, in terms of price, quality, variety and service;
  • We further accept that the foundation of business should show integrity, efficient service and sincerity in all dealings;
  • We stand for fair competition and reject all acts characterized by bad faith, deception, fraud, oppression or bribery;
  • We accept that representation of goods and services should be truthfully made and scrupulously fulfilled;
  • Take reasonable account of the interests of the community in which it operates;
  • Adopt a “value addition/cost effective” approach to all business conducted between our Chambers members;
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration, and provide assistance when appropriate amongst Local Chamber membership and within the local business community at large;
  • Not to engage in practices that may adversely affect or bring the name of the our Chambers, or its membership into disrepute;

We undertake to avoid all untruthful or misleading statements in publicity or advertising;

We accept this code in total and agree to submit controversies arising thereunder to settlement by voluntary agreement and within the disciplines of the Chamber.

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