Facebook blackmail to pay your accounts. Okay or not?

“My company recently bought products from a local store. They sent the invoice, but the invoice details and VAT number was incorrect and we asked them to correct it as our bookkeeper said we can’t pay until a correct invoice was received. In the meantime we now see that the store started posting comments on […]

The impact of new tax amendments on cryptocurrencies

“I’m an investor in cryptocurrencies and have found these to be an exciting addition to my investment portfolio. However, I understand that there are new tax regulations that will affect cryptocurrency. What should I be aware of in this regard?” Cryptocurrency has been largely unregulated in South Africa. Before any laws could be put in […]

Power Alert 1 – A positive outlook for the system today

POWER ALERT 1   Date: 16 January 2020  A positive outlook for the system today  Thursday, 16 January 2020: The system is looking better today as units that were on unplanned outages due to coal handling problems caused by flooding started pumping power into the grid although not yet at full capacity. While the overall […]

MultiChoice Enterprise Development Trust: Call for Proposals

The MultiChoice Enterprise Development Trust is seeking eligible entrepreneurs and Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises to submit their profiles in search of enterprise development funding and support. The Trust’s mission is to foster and support previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the film, broadcasting, media and wider Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector through funding and business […]

ROCCI Members go all in again in December editions of Westrand news

DECEMBER 2019 Once again ROCCI Members join hands in supporting new newspaper West Rand News Paper in buying their advert space and featuring im their paper. We at ROCCI take this opportunity and thank all fellow Members helping them and supporting their fellow Members. Randburg Diesel & Turbo and The Meter Man have been remarkable […]

ROCCI Members supports the West Rand News Paper

NOVEMBER 2019 ROCCI Members team together and support fellow Member West Rand News Paper by buying their advert space. Thank you Fellow ROCCI Members for supporting your fellow Members. ACTION FORD ROODEPOORT Featuring in the paper fellow ROCCI  members:   Just  CORRECTION on the November article published in West Rand Newspaper: David Rees was only […]

Load Shedding Status

https://www.citypower.co.za/customers/Pages/Load_Shedding_Downloads.aspx   Load Shedding Status We are currently LOAD SHEDDING – Stage 2  (in-progress)     Load Shedding Stage 2 will continue all day Monday 09/12/2019 until 23h00 and the risk of load shedding remains high for the week.   Suburbs under the blocks below will be affected 04h00 – 08h30 Blocks 3A and 7A 08h00 – 12h30 Blocks 4A and 8A […]

Carbon Tax Act Press Release 2019

REGULATIONS I, Tito Titus Mboweni, Minister of Finance, under section 19(c) of the Carbon Tax Act, 2019 (Act No. 15 of 2019), for the purposes of section 13 of that Act, hereby make the regulations as set out in the Schedule hereto. 4 No. 42873 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, 29 NOVEMBER 2019 Government Notices • Goewermentskennisgewings National […]

Planned Power Outage : Sunday, 8 December 2019

Region C Public Announcement from City Power Johannesburg – Ref 9036368 You are hereby notified of a planned power interruption on Sunday the 8th of December 2019 at 07h30 and the following areas will be affected: The power interruption is necessary to do essential maintenance work on our network which is part of our program […]

ROCCI – Keeping it REAL!

ROCCI –  KEEPING IT REAL! The word on the street in that there is 3 working weeks left, for most sectors, and everyone is rushing to finish the year with a bang. We are officially in the “Silly Season”!  Look back and say WOW we made it, though it all the ups and downs we […]

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