The Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry recognized a need for a paradigm shift from the old school industrialization to modern green business for its members.

ROCCI further acknowledges that green business strategies have become one of the most paramount agenda items in our modern board rooms. Thus, businesses are encouraged to promote green strategies such as conservation of natural resources in order to increase both economic and environmental performance.
This Environmental Charter pledges ROCCI and its members to be responsible in protecting the environment.

Businesses pledged to demonstrate their commitment to complying with acceptable environmental practices, including their commitment to meet and exceed, where possible, applicable legal and other requirements, to strive for continual improvement and to promote waste avoidance from source of generation.
As the “Voice Of Business’ ROCCI provides a high level of service to its members and encourages collective participation to promote the principles of sustainable development in business communities.
We commit to:

• Switching to energy efficient lighting, turning off all electrical equipment overnight or when   not in use, including computers.
• Developing and implementing a policy of not printing out emails unnecessarily.
• Changing to recycled paper for all office needs and promotional material.
• Ensuring as much office and industrial waste is recycled as possible.
• Using plans and opening windows to provide fresh air as opposed to air conditioners.
• Reducing the number of flights per month by improved business planning.

ROCCI pledges to promote this Environmental Charter to all Members and pledge collective participation to ensure the sustainability of the Environment.

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