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Throw your pangas, knives and guns into the sea … the clarion call made by our No.1 citizen shortly after the country achieved political freedom and democracy in 1994.
At the same time all such traditional weapons were outlawed from public display and declared illegal. Eighteen years later we see its reappearance at Marikana. Read more …

Lonmin sets the Benchmark in Industrial Relations
“Wage rises bad for the economy and the Labour Unions!!!” screamed the headlines in the Business Press following Lonmin’s wage settlement with its workers. Read more …

Mines Fury Spills Over
Trucks Burnt, goods destroyed, people seriously injured, shops looted and burnt; supermarket shelves empty and petrol stations run dry and so goes on the headlines for the past week or so. The question begs – What has happened to our Law Enforcement Agencies and our Government to withstand and allow such thuggery and vandalism? Has the Marikana furore left them paralysed with fear to allow such anarchy? Read more …

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The South African Police Service (Hawks) would like to warn company employees working in the accounts department to take care when receiving a fax, email or telephone call indicating that your Service Provider’s bank account has changed. It is most likely that this is a scam. Read more.


PIKITUP addresses issue of Wheelie Bin Backlog

Pikitup, the City of Johannesburg’s Waste Management Entity, will be distributing 240l wheelie bins within the next four weeks to the city’s residents who applied for new, misplaced, lost or stolen bins. Read more.

Student Navy Recruitment: CLOSING DATE 30 MAY 2012

New Application form 2012: Student Navy Recruitment: CLOSING DATE 30 MAY 2012


City of Johannesburg: Media Release


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State of the Nation address 9 Feb 2012 – ROCCI response

Read ROCCI’s response to the State of the Nation address 9 Feb 2012



It is of paramount importance to Johannesburg’s Leadership that the City becomes much more customer and citizen-centric. Today we launch a Revenue Step Change Roadmap which sets out how the City will address and move to higher level of service, over a period of 19 months.

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FinScope South Africa Small Business Survey 2010 report

The FinScope South Africa Small Business Survey 2010 report is now available. To access the report please follow the link below. Click here


City Power Load shedding schedule

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“Eskom has resolved not to return to the disruptive load-shedding, and recognises it cannot achieve this on its own. However, that resolve will be tested during the next two years.” Says Brian Dames, Eskom CEO. Quote from African Utility Week 14th of January 2011.

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RATES POLICY 2010-2011

The City of Johannesburg implemented the Rates Policy (Policy) on 1st July 2008 as required by the Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act 6, of 2004 (MPRA). The Policy guides the City in all aspects of levying rates on property owners.

Since then, the City has reviewed the Policy annually to reflect changes that were proposed by both the Public as well as the administration and to comply with MPRA which states that the Rates Policy has to be reviewed annually.

The Rates and Taxes Department is now embarking on the 2011/2012 Policy review. You are invited to make comments or suggestions on possible changes to the current Policy (2010/2011) Rates Policy.

View the 2010/2011 Rates Policy on the City of Johannesburg’s website:

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ESKOM Looking Ahead

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Legislative update

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Calendar of activities for Transportation Month:

Hosted by the Transportation Department in the City of Johannesburg.

2010 event

October 2010





2010 By-laws

View the 2010 By-Laws


CoJ Economic Regulatory environment

CoJ Economic Regulatory environment – engagement with the Chambers

The Roodepoort Chamber was briefed on the study that was conducted by the City of Joburg’s Department of Economic Development in 2009. The study looked at City of Johannesburg’s Regulatory and Administrative challenges within its jurisdiction, in order to ensure that businesses operate within a viable and conducive regulatory environment.

Please have a look at the Final Project Report, and also the Summary Report of the findings and the recommendations. Members were asked to contribute and make inputs based on the challenges they encounter, and also suggested solutions to the problems.


Skills Development Act 97 of 1998

Extension of the National Skills Development Strategy.

Extension of existing period of Establishment of Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).


ROCCI Executive Committee

ROCCI Executive Committee – (Words: ROY PANDAY)

A  year down the line and ROCCI has made tremendous progress in its aims to create the right climate in which our business constituents can flourish. On its 5 big ticket items identified to make ROCCI relavant,we are happy to report back as follows :


Roads and Transport Infrastructure

Ongoing communication between local Councillor Rehana Moosajee who is a member of the Mayoral committee on Transport , resulting in a presentation by the latter to Chamber members on the 27th May2009 at a Chamber member lavish Networking dinner session held at the beautiful Croco Lodge with regard to an update on the Bus Rapid Transit system and where it currently stands to an insight into the Transportation Values adopted by the Council to create a culture of road behavioural change amongst all commuters – passengers, drivers and pedestrians.
These Values, which when unpacked to its optimum and publicized and communicated widely and effectively can set Gauteng as the benchmark city for road user compliancy that should ensure a free flow of traffic within the ambit of compliancy.

Topline headings under which these Values, are categorized are :


Further inputs into reducing the current congestion on roads by creating Taxi laybyes to prevent the obstruction of mainstream traffic on the main arterial roads plus the management  of heavy duty vehicles responsible for the movement of freight  through the creation and enforcement of a dedicated lane and the provision of more container terminals leading to a hub and spoke operation.


The Uninterrupted supply of electricity

The uninterrupted supply of electricity  and the acquisition of alternative power sources such as wind, solar and piped gas to householders as a means to reduce the current load  on Eskom’s resources. Here again  through engagement with the Department of Economic  Development  and inputs into the City’s Growth and Development strategy ,Joburg Business Forum  and Focus group meetings, your Chamber is trying to foster these initiatives. The Chamber was also very vociferal in its objection to the 34% tariff increase proposed by Eskom and  has submitted a memorandum to NERSA signifying its intention.


Inward Investment

The Chamber has once again engaged the Department of Economic Affairs in pursuing an Inward Investment policy  for Johannesburg in general and Roodepoort in particular through the identification of industrial nodes and their Incentivization and support programme. It is encouraging to see a Chinese investment  group showing interest in developing a R1bl Theme Park on the West Rand, on a site yet to be announced.
ROCCI is also pursuing with the Department of Economic Development the announcement that  four  1st tier automotive  component suppliers have shown interest in setting up operations in Tshwane and have requested the Department to counter bid for this proposal.


Crime prevention ,reduction, prevention and eradication

ROCCI is very proud to have the Cluster Commander,Asst.Commissioner  Oswald Reddy serve as an ex-officio member on the Chamber Executive. We have participated in a workshop under the auspices of the Honeydew cluster and surrounding areas  joint Tourism Safety Planning session and are awaiting the outcome of the survey and inputs therefrom to present a coordinated security plan amongst all stakeholders including the many security companies that operate in the area.

In recognition of the invaluable services rendered by the SAPS ROCCI is in the process of  re-establishing a monthly recognition award for the best police station with a floating trophy as the winning prize to be permanently donated to the police station that has the most number of appearances  on it from now till the end of the year.

Business Against Crime Presentation to ROCCI : 5 October 2009


Skills Development

ROCCI under the guidance of its vice-president and Project director for SMME development concluded a highly successful training programme involving a number of its members as key business partnmers which resulted in approximately 80 previously unskilled SMME entrepreneurs graduating.
ROCCI is mindful of the sustainability of these small (ROCCI’s preference is to relate to them as Growing businesses) and is pursuing the establishment of a Business Desk at ROCCI’s premises with the major banks in the area including Business Partners.


Urban Improvement District /Precinct (UID/P)

ROCCI firmly believes  that the CBD area of Roodepoort’ is in urgent need of regeneration in respect of the restoration of historic buildings,pavements,open spaces,lighting ,security and in general the creation of a sense of confidence that would halt the migration of corporate business  out of the city whilst reestablishing the climate to entice Big Business and consumers back into the city. The best possible way to achieve this is to get existing business to adopt the UID/P concept and ROCCI is currently in talks with Kagiso Urban Management as to a feasibly study.



ROCCI is presently engaged in  talks the Johannesburg Tourism Authority in establish a Tourism office within the ROCCI offices. A tourism route will be developed under the joint auspices of ROCCI and JTA solely to promote Roodepoort and its many attractions.

Over and above this – the Chamber is looking at the possibility of creating a Shopping Centre of the Year Awards,(similar to its Business of the Year Awards) for the ‘best dressed’ Shopping Mall and the ‘best dressed’ shop over the Xmas period which will highlight the true spirit of Xmas’s joyousness and festivity  in such a way ,that it would make Roodepoort’ the destination of choice over this exciting period, with major attractions including, horse and pony rides through a designated route, international food festivals, singing and dancing competitions  etc.

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