HughesTech is a local, bespoke web service provider that helps companies like yours address their administrative process needs, quickly and cost-effectively.

Web design companies are frequently the first point of contact for any business’ website needs. And more often than not the front-end coding aspects of a site (designing and developing of the user interface), and the back-end programming (storage and processing of data) of it, require two different sets of expertise.

By being unable to carry both hats equally well, a project might take longer than intended, or even worse: fail.

Instead of risking the project, or being forced to make use of a more expensive American-based API or plug-in, which might not gel with local (SA & African) legislation, outsource it to us.

How our online web solutions work

We make it easy for companies to get the intricate back-end programming they need!

HughesTech is an independent web services company that offers companies cost-effective, timely back-end and front-end solutions to the everyday data processing problems they face.

The age of Industry 4.0 is on the horizon and more and more companies realise that they need to digitise the way they process data in order to simplify and streamline the way they do business.

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