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Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI), proudly supports and celebrates the Recognition of Women in Business.

ROCCI went the extra mile in 2005 and established a unique platform exclusively for Women in Business. Looking back for more than a decade ROCCI has been privy to witness how Women in the Business Industry have changed, grown,developed and evolved into Top Respected Business leaders today.

We have seen Woman go above and beyond, inspiring others, supporting,developing and have made their mark in the Business Community, earning respect for their hard work,dedication,compassion and service excellence and outstanding community contributions, while being mothers,wives and daughters, these Women Leaders in Business never fail to surprise us and continue to inspire us daily.

Lady ROCCI is an exclusive environment where Business Women can come together on a professional and social level, be heard, recognised,appreciated and valued for their individuality and their hard work,dedication and contributions to the business and their communities.

The Chambers creation of this exclusive platform named Lady ROCCI, for Women, where ladies can come together,exchange ideas, share services,products and more. Belonging to Our Chamber is essential to your voice in business and we invite all business women to become a Lady ROCCI Member, and support each other in Business.

Lady ROCCI also falls under the exact set of rules applicable to all Members and their liabilities and responsibilities apply as such.

Each Lady ROCCI Member provides range of skills across the board in their reputable capacities. We at ROCCI value our Members and encourage positive interactive involvement.

Should your application for membership be successful, Members will enter into a legal binding two year Membership Contract -This time period allows for Members to grow,develop and establish their businesses with fellow Members.

The Membership Fees are calculated and payable annually,and members will be held liable to their contractual obligations. We at ROCCI take Business seriously and as such hold our Members to the same high level of ethics,without exceptions.

Members who fail to meet their obligations will be suspended and expelled and still be held liable to their contracts and legal collections and proceedings without exception.

Should your application be successful, an invoice will be issued and an additional R 200.00 once off admin fee will be charged.

Required Certified documents to accompany application


Annual fee (Excl. VAT): PER YEAR – All Applicants must ensure they choose the true and correct categories,which will be checked for true authenticity and validity.

Approval is subject to ROCCI Chambers discretion and applicants will be notified in writing whether they qualify to become an esteemed member of our ROCCI Chamber.

Monthly Options have been revoked and only Annual applications will be accepted subjective to receipt of fully completed documents and signatures.

Call us (010) 595 -9644 or mail us

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