Welcome to Our Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
better known as “ROCCI”.

ROCCI is proudly one of the most active Chambers Nationally, with No Barriers and proudly promote zero tolerance policies,encouraging Business in Good Standing. ROCCI has over 4 decades of accredited, long standing Member Business relationships, community up-liftment and the status of being THE Chamber to belong to. Members of ROCCI enjoy privileges of benefits and status, however are of mutual minds sharing the same morals,values,ethics and principals, thus Members shoulder and are held liable to, uphold their commitments and responsibilities. This mutual meeting of minds and shared best interests of businesses,our community and city is the foundation fundamental to the success of any business.

ROCCI is aligned on a National and International Chambers of Commerce & Industry regulated Codes of standards and procedures in business conduct.

Belonging to a Chamber is an absolute necessity and essential to the success of your business, we at ROCCI are your “Voice of Business”, we support our members needs, in an extension,partnership with an open door transparency and serve others with a passion second to none.

We shoulder our responsibility to our Members and our community, strive to develop and provide services and benefits all in the best interest of Our Chamber,Our Members and Our Community. We strive to keep Members updated in relevant an conducive news,events,or changes on a National and International scale. Members are also held liable,should they be found questionable, so the Chamber can maintain fair,ethical,moral and business practice across the board, protecting Members and the Chambers Best Interests.

Being a Member of ROCCI is being a Member of our ROCCI “family” on a local and National basis, we create various platforms for your business,look for the best pricing,quality products and services for you and strive to ensure all Code of Ethics and Business Conducts and dealings are upheld, to the highest standards. We support You on every level, and aim to always be ahead in our ever changing and adapting world.

Being a ROCCI Member is a privilege and as such comes a responsibility and as a Member the ROCCI Chamber, members adapt to our strict rules, procedures and regulations and codes conduct that must be upheld to the highest extent. Members are held accountable and liable and encouraged to develop above the norm in an ever changing business world.

Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI) creates an environment in which the business sectors & our community can flourish. Our Chamber is a natural rallying point for like-minded business people to come together, to interact and to exchange ideas. We are your value added extension in helping you rise up to success.

ROCCI stands tall and we know our worth, do you know yours? Our ROCCI Chamber is your “Voice of Business” and being a Member a necessity,a privilege and imperative to your business, should your qualify to be a Member.

Members enjoy privileges and benefits not open to non-members and get to be part of a tapestry of excellence.

Membership Fees

This is drafted to the size of your company and includes all your employees to be part of and included under your companies wings:

Your staff will also qualify for all the benefits and privileges.

They will also be part and recognised as Chamber winged members (Under your company Membership) and be allowed to attend training,events,workshops,meetings and have open access as much as your company will enjoy.

Thus providing a wider rage of included skills across the board in their reputable capacities. We at ROCCI value our Members and their staff alike and encourage positive interactive involvement.

Should your application for membership be successful, Members will enter into a legal binding two year Membership Contract -This time period allows for Members to grow,develop and establish their businesses with fellow Members.

The Membership Fees are calculated and payable annually,and members will be held liable to their contractual obligations. We at ROCCI take Business seriously and as such hold our Members to the same high level of ethics,without exceptions.

Members who fail to meet their obligations,uphold the rule and good business practices, will be suspended and/or expelled and still be held liable to their contracts and legal collections and proceedings without exception.

Should your application be successful, an invoice will be issued and an additional R 200.00 once off admin fee will be charged.

Required Certified documents to accompany application


Annual fee (Excl. VAT): PER YEAR – All Applicants must ensure they choose the true and correct categories,which will be checked for true authenticity and validity.

Fees are calculated according to the number of staff employed

Approval is subject to ROCCI Chambers discretion and applicants will be notified in writing whether they qualify to become an esteemed member of our ROCCI Chamber.

Applications will be accepted subject to receipt of fully completed documents and signatures.

Only members of Good Business Standing are recognised by Our Chamber, be sure to check and validate credibility by us,should their be any queries. ROCCI prides itself in only having legitimated,credible members in Good Business Conduct and Standing.

Call us (010) 595 -9644 or mail us rocci@rocci.org

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