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Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI) in  Recognition of women in Business,  created a unique platform,  and an exclusive environment where Business Women can come together on a professional and social level, be heard, recgonised,appreciated and valued for their individuality and their hard work,dedication and contributions to the business and their communities.

As women are not only leaders in business today, we  at ROCCI also applaud and acknowledge each woman for their hard work, whether being an entrepreneur, business owner, leader, manager, mother,spouse,partner,daughter,care taker,artist,beautician and hairdresser, the list is endless, we have women today in every industry, ranging from engineers to ceo’s, doctors, receptionists,councilors, and women in public service, we see you and hear you and we are your “Voice in Business”.

The Chambercreated this exclusive platform for named Lady ROCCI, for Women, where you can come together,exchange ideas, share services,products and more.  Belonging to Our Chamber is essential to your voice in business and we invite all business women to become a Lady ROCCI Member, and support each other in Business.

 Lady ROCCI Membership benefits:

  • Lady ROCCI is a project under the auspices of Roodepoort Chamber
    of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI)
  • ROCCI supports women endeavors and encourage women to pursue
    their dreams
  • Lady ROCCI urges Business Women to become involved in networking
    to assist community projects, and to facilitate the creation of an
    environment in which the business community and its people can flourish.
  • Lady ROCCI is committed to working towards the expansion of
    opportunities for women and the improvement of the community as a whole
  • Members enjoy discounted rates when attending Lady ROCCI events
  • Members have opportunities to exhibit and promote their products
    and services at Lady ROCCI events
  • Lady ROCCI promotes various community organization and charities
    and presents a unifying point of contact and communication to create an
    effective link between all stakeholders
  • Building relationships and encouraging women in business to
    support one another is one of the key components of Lady ROCCI’s success

Lady ROCCI Members also enjoy all the other benefits of ROCCI Members

Membership benefits:

  • Regular networking opportunities available to introduce products, services  in building Business relationships
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry Membership Certificate
  • Media Madness show introduce & boast about your business via FaceBook
  • Free listing on ROCCI’s Website with a direct link to your site & other media platforms
  • Workshops/Seminars/Training: Conducive to your Business & employees needs
  • Annual Events: Golf Day / Potjiekos Competition – Where Businesses come together in team building and on a more social platform in growing stronger Business partnerships
  •  Members receive SACCI & SBI information, current and relevant in Business in South Africa (ROCCI affiliated to both Organisations)
  • ROCCI Lobbies on behalf of members on critical issues affecting business, with Local Government
  • ROCCI encourage Members to support fellow Members
  • Free Member to Member specials, Events calendar, “What’s On” advertised on ROCCI’s social media platforms
  • ROCCI offers an Exceptional Support structure/relationship, no matter what your needs, ROCCI will strive to meet them
  • Referral Hub – ROCCI directs fellow members and potential clients to your door, highlighting your business
  • ROCCI facilitates member to member Business Introductions conducive to your sales, success and profit margin
  • Free advertising on Vacancies and access to Job Seekers on ROCCI website
  • ROCCI is an Accredited Chamber which certifies International Trade – Certificates of Origin
  • Direct access to Executive, Professional Portfolio services i.e. Legal, Safety & Security, BEE, Employee Benefits, Corporate Liaison, Tourism, etc.
  • Lady ROCCI – Where  Dynamic Business Women come together in recognition of today’s business world and enjoy networking and promoting their services to other Businesswomen
  • Annual Business of the Year – Prestigious Business Event where your Business is recognised and awarded accordingly at the Annual Business of the Year Gala
  • Recommendation & Referral Letter for International Business travel
  • Mediation & Arbitration Centre – refer disputes for Mediation / Arbitration as an alternative to litigation
  • Free Boardroom facility available exclusive to members
  • Makro Strubensvalley – Exclusive Loyalty Card (ROCCI Members receive discounted rates & rebates Nationally)
  • Special discount on any new Kia purchased from Kia Roodepoort, exclusive to ROCCI members only
  • Special discounted rates exclusive for ROCCI Members to advertise in Local Community Newspapers
  • Exclusive for ROCCI members LabourNet offers a Free compliance audit focusing on Industrial Relations, Occupational Health and Safety, Transformation, Payroll &

In addition, ROCCI members automatically qualify for an additional      10% discounted rate on any service/ product offered by LabourNet

  • Exclusive to ROCCI members will receive a Business Doctors Roodepoort diagnoses business assessment, to the value of R2500.00
  • ROCCI Cares Projects – The ROCCI family unites as a community to enhance and make a difference where there is a need
  • New service: Exclusive to ROCCI members and through ROCCI only – Fedhealth Medical Aid options

Membership Fees

Membership fees are calculated according to the number of staff in your business.  Membership is a tax-deductible business expense and your membership is valid for 24 months (Refer to membership application for terms & conditions).   A once-off administration fee of R200.00 is payable on joining. 

Required documents to accompany application (If available):

  • Company letterhead,
  • Company cancelled cheque
  • ID document (Authorised signature)

ROCCI makes it affordable in joining our Chamber and offer you two options, a monthly Option or an Annual option.

Option 1:

 Monthly fee (Excl. VAT):

Fees are calculated according to the number of staff employed 


Lady ROCCI       – R    114.00 (Individual Membership)

 Option 2:

Annual Fee (Excl. VAT):

Fees are calculated according to the number of staff employed   Lady ROCCI         — R  1,157.00 (Individual Membership)

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