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Benefits for Lady ROCCI Members

Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI) creates an environment in
which the business community & its people can flourish. The Chamber is a
natural rallying point for business people to come together, to interact and
to exchange ideas.

 Lady ROCCI Membership benefits:

  • Lady ROCCI is a project under the auspices of Roodepoort Chamber
    of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI)
  • ROCCI supports women endeavors and encourage women to pursue
    their dreams
  • Lady ROCCI urges Business Women to become involved in networking
    to assist community projects, and to facilitate the creation of an
    environment in which the business community and its people can flourish.
  • Lady ROCCI is committed to working towards the expansion of
    opportunities for women and the improvement of the community as a whole
  • Members enjoy discounted rates when attending Lady ROCCI events
  • Members have opportunities to exhibit and promote their products
    and services at Lady ROCCI events
  • Lady ROCCI promotes various community organization and charities
    and presents a unifying point of contact and communication to create an
    effective link between all stakeholders
  • Building relationships and encouraging women in business to
    support one another is one of the key components of Lady ROCCI’s success

Lady ROCCI Members also enjoy all the other benefits of ROCCI Members

Membership Fee

Get your business listed as a Lady ROCCI Member. Membership is a
tax-deductible business expense and your membership is valid for 12 months
(Refer to membership application for terms & conditions).

Option 1: Monthly Lady ROCCI ………. R 84.00 (Individual
Membership) per month fee (Excl Vat)

Option 2: Annual Lady ROCCI ………. R 850.00 (Individual
Membership) once off annual fee (Excl Vat)

A once off administration fee of R200.00 is payable on joining.

Required documents to accompany application:

  • Company letterhead,
  • Company cancelled cheque / Bank letter
  • ID document (Authorised signature)
  • Company Registration documents
  • Code of Ethics

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