Lady ROCCI Event: 12 August 2016

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On the crisp sunny Friday Morning, we arrived at Avianto for our Lady ROCCI event, filled with a promise of expectation for the exciting guest’s speakers to come.

In a cosy beautifully decorated hall, with gorgeous flowers and delicious aromas of fresh baked croissants awaiting our guests, with the full aroma of freshly ground coffee and the smell of fresh fruit juices, longing to be savoured.  The fantastic staff of Avianto went all out to spoil the ROCCI Ladies.

Our ladies started arriving and one could feel the excitement in the air of expectation, as our Guest speakers arrived, and our Morning MC, was none other than Mrs. Africa finalist 2016 Louise Niemann. Louise gave all the ladies valuable life tips on how to be positive and accept yourself, not to judge yourself and to love and cherish the star you individually are.

As the ladies settled into their cosy seats, our beautiful surroundings greeted by sunshine, A song intro played and out came, the esteemed and highly celebrated, Ronel Harris, Author of Break Free, Brilliant Business woman,  celebrated mother,  devoted  wife and wow, what a woman.

As silence fell, her energy contagious, Ronel‘s very presence demanded and had everyone’s full attention.  Ronel took all present  on her personal journey in life, in waves of emotion, that as she spoke of different windows into her life experiences, one felt you were in that exact “hospital room, little townhouse, when the policeman, hat in hand stood at her door”, or her darker times her  childhood bedroom” with her.  The feelings she evoked in the ladies, with sharing her journeys, were so impactful, as we looked around the room, everyone present were deeply engrossed in Ronel’s story. Some Ladies  had tears, others empathy and the entire room a newfound awe and respect for this absolute wonder of a woman, who after so much diversity and challenges she endured, lived through and overcame, stood before us, back straight, head held high, and a brilliant smile, and a sparkle in her eye, but  in a word all powerful.

As Ronel’s time came to an end, the room captured in silence, each individual woman there, processing, relating and understanding her journey, each in their own way, sat in awe.

Avianto’s staff then served breakfast, a delicious brochette with scrambled egg and crispy bacon with the itsy bitsy salad deco, it was fabulous.  As the ladies got comfortable up came Cobus Visser, Firewalker Instructor, Motivational Speaker and Trainer.

Talk about a double deep impact as, the ladies heard Cobus Visser’s own story of facing the giants in life.  As Cobus relayed his struggles, from an early childhood, as he was born with Hemophilia, which is a blood disorder that makes clotting virtually nonexistent.  Cobus shared his deep sadness in some windows of his life, like when left virtually crippled, without even being able at one point to hold his new born son, as his elbows could not allow the slightest of weight, hurt him deeply as a Father, unable to hold, pick up or even comfort your own baby boy due to his illness.  His elder son he relayed, drew him a picture of his family, in where he saw his father in his point of view portrayed him, as “dead to him”.  One can only look into Cobus’s humbled posture and kind eyes, that tell the story of a deep pain, and suffering he had endured, but as he spoke and quoted, Ghandi, in where your thoughts become your actions, he made the balance choice in his life to endure and feed the positive seed into a mountain.

Cobus Visser defeated to odds stacked against him, by changing his mindset, changing his thoughts, and is speaking, living and inspiring his dream. Fire Walking his way across South Africa, while healing others, with training and helping others in need on his journey of life. A hero to many, he inspires one to find your “Hero” within and become the “Super” in yourself and live your dreams, value your loved ones and mind shift to a positive mind set.

He asked a few questions, that made one think “ When last have you laughed so much, a real belly ache, snot coming out of your nose laugh”?, “ Can you visualize yourself as the younger care free son or daughter ?, when you were so free and happy?” He evokes one to think on these precious memories and moments in life ,for that’s one of the keys to seeing your worth, your loved ones and to value every moment.

From literally crawling on his belly to just go to the bathroom was, a task of epic proportions, not to mention having his wife take care of his every need as well as their kids. Cobus made a conscious decision to walk again and “By God” he is now 14 weeks, up off his belly, out of his wheelchair, gone are the crutches and he stands tall, humbled, and awesome.

Diane Graham from ROCCI was brave enough, went ahead and took the “Walk over broken glass”, with the assistance of Cobus and Louise, and nailed it. “It was so liberating”, she said. “ My mind went blank and I know my palms were sweating, and I had the nervous shakes, but then it was over so quickly, not a cut on my feet, I’d love to do it again for longer”, said Diane.

You know life passes by so fast, we awake each day, get ready for work, traffic and our meetings, tasks ahead, sometimes not even taking a moment to appreciate a simple flower blooming in your garden.  After a long day’s work, and worry what to prepare for dinner, or put fuel in your car,  worrying about kids and driving home listening to the drone of news on the radio, life becomes a routine, a drone, where we simply do not connect with each other anymore. Cobus showed us a simple thing today, a hug, not just a hug to get it out of the way, but something so simple, so profound in its impact that even now left us speechless.

Look into the persons eyes you are going to hug, be  in that moment with them, breathe and hug, hold on and breathe in and out together, sharing that simple moment, has an impact that will leave you breathless. “You get what your give, Cobus says, I give love, thus I receive love”.

This morning was one of those profound, deep impact mornings where we were in the moment, captured in two wonderful peoples life journeys, and their courage, the faith, their monumental impact will have an imprint on our hearts forever.

To all the ladies who attended, thank you for sharing this beautiful morning with ROCCI and to Avianto and their wonderful hosting and staff, thank you. Thank you to Louise for being our MC and to Dr Audrey Jansen Van Vuuren for spoiling the ladies with a beautiful bottles of goodies.  To Jaco & Stan from Rocket AV for supplying all sound requirements and always supporting ROCCI, Thank you.

To Jacobus Myburgh for doing the photography, thank you.

For Ronel and Cobus, Thank you for an unforgettable, awe inspiring, wondrous morning, that will forever have changed all our lives.



                                Article by:  Michelle Mc Intosh-Marais


Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI)

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