May the Fourth Month be in your Favour!

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Its the Fourth Month of the new year, April 2019. ( Where has the time gone?)

We a the Chamber have been hearing the chatter of many, people are tired, frustrated, defeated,dejected and just downright “gatvol”.

We share the frustration, fear and the ever pushing pressure as you do.

Just this morning I saw,experienced and was witness to many factors of people, screaming at each other, actually it was an “out- screaming” match, and truth be told, if you asked me what the screaming was about,id have to lie,because I couldn’t understand the garble.

People grabbing at each others throats,writing nasty mails and plain downright rude to one another on a daily basis. I see people at the shops, others slumped and others short tempered, mumbling their obvious impatience about slow bad service.

Its depressing,especially for a Monday morning right? We deal with all this daily, we share the same community and business frustrations, only to go home to start dinner,do the family responsibility thing,maybe sleep or catch up on more work, we snap at our partners,or kids and the animals get the cold shoulder, all to go to bed frustrated and awake again thinking more about the traffic ahead than what is important.

As I was just as annoyed with a rude mail received, I sat quietly watching my mails and over my breakfast bite,glanced through my Facebook and saw a clip about military kids reuniting with their folks, it brought home a reality.

Seeing that utter joy, of an innocents child’s face running to their parent in such joy, wow.

Here we are complaining about mundane things.

Yes we all have to see to our responsibilities and proprieties,  I just wonder how many people out there have take a glimpse,a pause a brief moment to stop,breathe, exhale and be grateful for the very blessings they have?

Starting with a smile and seeing the beauty of the creation around you instead of the next throat or bitter assault on another, perhaps rather  mutter a kind word. Positivity is far better than a dark cloud.

So I urge all out there, a challenge if you will, Be kind, note down at least three things you see, hear and experience today that is positive. Do three things today not for gain but genuine kindness for other today.

Let me know how your week goes.

May it be filled with positivity,grace,humility and kindness.


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