Labour Law Bureau
will advise clients on all current Labour Law and Human Resources related functions and processes, policies and procedures. Clients are kept updated via a monthly newsletter.

Human Resources Audits to ensure compliance with all labour legislation including Occupational Health and Safety. We provide clients with the required First-Aid boxes and Fire-extinguishers according to the Schedules and Regulations of the OHSA.

Pre-employment Screening, verification of CV and ID, background checks and Police Clearance Certificates.

In association with Hawk-Eye Private Investigation Services we also offer investigations into stock losses, fraud and Industrial espionage ( theft of closely guarded business information) and polygraphs.

After apprehending the alleged accused, Labour Law Bureau will Chair the Disciplinary Hearing.

Labour law Bureau also drafts Employment Contracts tailor made for any industry and compliant with Legislation. Together with this, the job description, which is needed to measure performance.

Disciplinary Codes and procedures are provided so that the client can take disciplinary steps if needed.

Company policies dealing with substance abuse, Sexual harassment, Poor work performance and Ill health.

Employment Equity Reports.

We obtain work permits for non-South African citizens who need to work in SA.

Other services include dealing with the Ombudsman in cases of Insurance Fraud.


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Tel:  011 472 2840/1

Nadia McIntyre

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