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Healthshare is an international company specialising in hospital development and management, managed care, comprehensive healthcare services for mining clients, efficiency improvements and optimisation projects and a host of healthcare related projects including consulting. Healthshare understands both healthcare delivery and funding models and provides customized and integrated healthcare solutions typically at a cost of 20% – 30% below market. Our target market is Africa and other developing countries, we provide services to private hospital developers, mining and industrial clients, governments and the public in large.

With respect to mining companies we provide comprehensive healthcare related services including primary healthcare, occupational health, managed care, emergency care, hospital care and specialist care. We typically result in a 20% cost reduction and at least 10% more productive shifts / 10% lower sick shifts.

Regarding managed care services we provide case management, network management and billing auditing services to Botswana Ministry of Health, Swaziland Ministry of Health and mining companies. We typically reduce per referral costs by between 20% and 70%.

Concerning hospital development and a management we have developed “state of the art” hospitals. We also do feasibility studies, financial modelling, information memoranda, business plans, medical design, IT implementation, standard operating procedures, equipping and full operational management. If the private hospital project is sound we are prepared to invest alongside the developer.

In efficiency and optimisation projects we typically provide both quality improvements and about 20% cost savings.

If you need healthcare related services or advice or have a great project then do contact us and we will help you to fulfil your dreams or save costs or improve quality.

Accomplishing challenging goals is a delicate balance of sheer determination and ingenious flexibility. With Healthshare as your healthcare management partner, you will be empowered to effectively manage your current or new healthcare facility, no matter how often, or how dramatically, the landscape changes.

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