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With a policy of supplying art for the people by artists whose work is decorative, attractive and, above all, understandable, the Alice Art Galleries owned by Alice Pitzer are making a name for themselves as being among the most influential in South Africa.


Alice has been particularly successful in promoting artists whose “common touch” have a wide appeal. “I feel that so many people are buying art when they don’t really understand what it is,” says Alice. “The main thing is that people must appreciate a painting. It must ‘talk’ to them. Then they will like it for life. “If a customer can’t afford what he or she wants, I encourage them to wait. But then they should buy the piece they like.”

A Word from Alice

Over the years I made it my business to serve my clientele with solid knowledge on art, which is nice to have. It is great to teach them the difference between investment and nice to have. My philosophy over the years was always to try to accommodate my clients and their taste and to bring that in line with good investment pieces. The young buyer from R500 is just as important as the one of R50 000, because they grow into the habit of buying good quality art and enjoying it. They start building a private collection to be proud of. It is extremely important to buy art that you like, and that speaks to you, and not just because you think that it is an investment.

“Our beautiful South Africa, with its diverse people and constantly changing political scene, has been an inspiration and stimulation to so many wonderful artists.

I have been singularly fortunate in having a career intimately bound up with the South African art scene, and my eclectic taste has happily not restricted my appreciation of works of art to any narrow field.

My aim for any of my galleries have always been twofold: to promote local artists and their works, and to set up a cultural haven where people can treat themselves and relax.

I believe in fostering potential, and growing with and artist. The human element is as important to me as my interaction with the work. If I find some one’s works fresh and appealing, I go by my gut feeling and set about marketing them.

South Africa also has an almost unrivalled cultural diversity, bringing constant upheaval and an ever-changing situation. This has provided our artists with a never-ending source of material, and their art has been a clear comment on the times within which we live”.

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