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The BEE Certification Company is a verification company conducting
quality BEE verifications for entities across the board.

The company is authorized to issue BEE certificates to EME’s, QSE’s and
Generics, in terms of the “Codes Of Good Practice” as detailed by
the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Our verification process is
designed to provide a simple and rapid service to any size client.

More than 75 % of companies in the private sector are not Broad Base
Black Economic Empowerment compliant, according to a study by DTI
(according to a baseline study conducted in 2008/2009). This is a
missed opportunity for the transformation of the nation, as well as for
businesses in their effort to thrive by mirroring the society at large.

BEEC plays a key role in business’ compliance with the B-BBEE
and our government’s plan for more equitable future.
It should play a key role in your company’s future too.

As leaders in B-BBEE, we know how to meet aggressive timetables and bring
complex restructuring to a seamless close.

We pride ourselves in being able to issue quality B-BBEE certificates
that all parties can rely on with confidence thus enabling South Africa
to become a more equitable society.

Our Company has verified companies with a combined turnover of
+/-R30 billion in various sectors including finance, business services,
retail, motor trade, repair services, mining, construction, healthcare,
transport, IT and manufacturing.

We use the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of
Good Practice and Sector Codes, the Verification Manual and the
requirements as stated in the South African National Accreditation
System (SANAS) to conduct our verifications. We conduct onsite visits
to ensure information provided in documentation is accurate.

The verification process is documented in the Verification
Agreement, and this process will be followed up with a visit by
a Verification Analyst. We use all documentary evidence acquired
and notes from the onsite visit to determine the score and reach an
opinion on the B-BBEE status of the measured enterprise.

The management team of B-BBEE Certification collectively possess over
+/- 80 years of experience in auditing, banking, international trade,
finance, law, human resources, project management and
strategic consulting.

It’s BEEC’s own entrepreneurship, unleashed to help you make the most of
your opportunities.

There is no quick and magical solution to being B-BBEE certified.
What you need is a partner such as BEEC that is steeped in common sense,
and experienced enough to accomplish the goal.

Business Address:
Island House, Constantia Office Park, Hendrick Potgieter Drive, Constantia Kloof

Fax: (086) 523 0193

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