I am an independent sales consultant and I assist sales leaders to improve their sales results. It is widely accepted that there is no such thing as a perfect sales force, which means that some inefficiencies are having financial consequences on your business. The question of course is, to what extent and is this creating sufficient cause to consider change? To bring this to your attention, I offer an independent observation of your current sales environment in which you are provided with a report highlighting areas of risk, the extent of the risks and the required remedial action. There is no cost involved in this exercise. My services include:
•    Sales training: Modules – prospecting; qualifying; presenting and negotiating.
•    Sales management training. Modules – Setting goals; uncovering gaps; identifying root cause; defining corrective action and evaluating performance.
Please note that you cannot change someone’s behaviour in a 3 day sales course. A special focus then, is given to transferring the knowledge into a real skill, post training and then certifying individuals as competent (after 6 months).

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Peter Enslin – 083 380 6132

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1041 Krugerrand Rd, Strubensvalley, Roodepoort

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