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FORA is a haven for dogs and cats and has been officially registered as a non profit organization (NPO 029775) in August 2003.


Our Mission Statement is to rescue as many unwanted, homeless & ill treated “dogs & cats”,
and to care for them at our shelter, then to re-home every animal in our care to loving
homes and for the less fortunate to ensure that they have a home for life at FORA.

Our Goals are

To provide the very best for all the animals in our care, ensuring they receive food, shelter,medication, sterilization and above all to offer all our animals the chance of a new life in a loving home, and if they cannot find a home, that they are guaranteed a home at the shelter for the rest of their days.
To purchase the property that we are currently renting, so that we have a permanent home for all our animals.
To continue to develop our educational programs regarding responsible pet ownership with the local schools and the public.
To become the gold standard in Animal Welfare.
We have opened our doors to all Schools, Universities and Corporate Business for community service initiatives and to achieve a working relationship with the community. We advise them that they feel welcome to visit the shelter, and share with us the problems encountered in their neighbourhood/township with all the Domestic Animals, so that we can assist and educate people to treat these GOD GIVEN CREATURES, that have no voice, with the respect and honour which they deserve.

About Us

FORA (FRIENDS OF RESCUED ANIMAL) was founded in August 2003 by the late Marlene De Beer.

FORA is a Pro-Life Animal haven for dogs and cats and has been officially registered as a non profit organization (NPO 029775).

There was an urgent need on the West Rand to provide a safe and caring environment for animals until they were either reclaimed by its owners, placed in a new home or provided with lifelong shelter for the rest of their days. FORA has a Pro-life policy – animals are only euthanized if they are in distress due to age or illness.

FORA operated for 6 years on a small piece of land, situated below Westgate Shopping Centre through a private donor lease. However, the property was sold and we were given notice on the 17th September 2009 and had 3 months to move 650 dogs and 250 cats in our care.

It was remarkable, that this was the exact date 5 years ago since our founder, Marlene De Beer passed away due to cancer.

On the 3rd October 2009, Breggie De Beer, Shelter Manager at FORA, called on the West Rand community and all animal lovers to join in a massive prayer to save the pro-life animal shelter, and help us to find a new home for all our animals . At a function at the old shelter, we released 1 000 helium balloons that included messages of hope and faith for the future of the shelter.

Soon after this amazing day, our prayers’ were answered, and we discovered the perfect property, namely 1a Winsor Road, Luipaardsvlei, Krugersdorp, which we are presently renting.

On the 24th December 2009 all the dogs and cats were safely moved to the new premises.

The new facility consists of 100 runs with 400 sleeping quarters for the dogs.

The cats have 18 cat villas as well as a very large open cattery.

The newly built old age home for dogs provides shelter for 60 retired dogs.

We are presently in the process of negotiating with the owners to purchase the property that we presently occupy. A subdivision application was submitted to the town council during September 2010 and if all goes according to plan, and we continue obtaining donations from all these special people that are supporting our cause, FORA will be celebrating the successful conclusion of an agreement to purchase the property in the very near future.

Contact Details


Shelter Manager: 082 336 5568

FORA Shelter: 011 665-9032

Kennel Manager: 072 413 5364

Email: info@fora.org.za

Anneke van Zyl (committee) email: anneke.vanZyl@rmb.co.za

CATS: Viv 082 852-6749 email: viv.anne.jones@gmail.com


Monday to Friday – 09h00 to 17h00

Saturday – 09h00 to 15h00

Sunday – 09h00 to 13h00



1a Windsor Rd P O Box 3150



Account Holder: FORA

Bank: Nedbank

Branch: Florida

Account no: : 1905151209

Branch code: 190541


4th Street

Krugersdorp North

Julie at 076 771 5480 (Jumble and Book Shop)

Monday – Friday 9h00 – 17h00

Saturday 9h00 – 13h00

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