More than fifteen years before the major oil companies in South Africa saw fit to promote and sell synthetic lubricants, the founder of Habot, Mr Erich Stoltz, a professional engineer in the mining industry, realized that there was a future for synthetic lubricants on the African continent. He started by importing finished products from the USA in 1984 and by 1987 had established a significant enough market and generated enough interest in SA for synthetic lubricants, to justify building the first synthetic lubricant blending plant in Africa, in Boltonia, Krugersdorp.

Today Habot is a “Proudly SA” company and provides world class synthetic lubricants to the major mining houses, such as Anglo Platinum Mines, and Goldfields. Industry giants such as Iscor, Lever Ponds, Department of the Environment, BMW and Nissan, Consol Glass, to name but a few.

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