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Situated at the Civic Centre in Florida Park – Roodepoort, this is a safe and exciting venue with ample free parking.

We have something for everyone, from young to young at heart. When it comes to our performances, we do not skimp on talent, expertise or musical excellence.

The Theatre is responsible for the following:

-Community Theatre with professional and amateur drama,
-Dance, choirs, singers and actors from Gauteng using the theatre as a venue.
-We produce world class performances.
-A state-of-the-art theatre for all forms of the performing arts.
-We develop and uplift the new South African stage and musical talent.


-To ensure the future of lyric arts in the country by actively contributing to youth and child development efforts.
-To become a central feature of development initiatives in the region.
-To continue to support, develop and offer original, innovative and relevant programming to residents of greater Johannesburg and beyond.
-To showcase the lyric talents of the City and to discover, expose and develop young South African talent.
-To provide professional services to the clients of the Theatre.

Future Strategic Focus

A theatre is a strategic concern in any community. It is one of the few places that provide the space for human creativity and expression to flourish. This experience enriches the lives of all who partake in the artistic process, whether patron or artist. The Theatre educates, uplifts, transcends, extends and challenges.

-We plan to take advantage of Joburg Promusica’s excellent facilities, creative knowledge, skills and production brands, and to use them as a bridging device amongst South Africa’s vastly diverse cultures.
-We shall be targeting areas of poverty, aiming to advance and equip disadvantaged people with income generating skills in the field of the performing arts.
-We shall introduce, promote and develop the performing arts within disadvantaged communities by means of community-based workshops. These performing artists will be assisted with their own performances in less privileged communities.
-We shall be taking the various production brands outside the boundaries of Roodepoort, Johannesburg and Soweto with the aim of creating awareness for Joburg Promusica and our sponsors.
-We plan to create profitable partnerships with other production companies and educational institutions who use the Joburg Promusica venue.
-We shall elevate the already vibrant, active and exciting cultural venue of Joburg Promusica to a higher level, and actively contribute to the vision of transforming the City of Johannesburg into a “world class African city”.
-We strive to secure and build vibrant, win-win relationships with our corporate partners and sponsors. In addition, we wish to reinforce our reputation as an institution that is a responsible and accountable receptacle of donations. The successful implementation of sound corporate governance is the foundation on which we build and expand. The above will all serve to ensure a promising future of the performing arts at Joburg Promusica.

Financial Overview

Promusica has strong financial management with internal controls. Financial matters, reports, budgets, decisions and implementations are dealt with in accordance with Board approval. We pride ourselves on more than 25 years of unqualified audits.

-Joburg Promusica is governed by an independent Board of Directors, appointed by the City of Johannesburg, and all in their individual capacities occupying senior positions in the private / corporate sector and the arts community.
-Joburg Promusica is a trusted and creditworthy Section 21 company with an excellent track record.
-All production budgets compiled by Joburg Promusica for projects are reviewed by the Artistic Committee of the Board of Directors.
-All expenditure with reference to the approved budgets are monitored and carefully implemented with strict variance reporting procedures.
-Joburg Promusica has formalised processes and procedures for internal audits, and the Auditor General conducts the external audit.

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1 Loran Robertson (General Manager) Tell: 011 674 1357 Fax:011 674 2365
2 Innocent Xaba (PA to the General Manager) Tell: 011 674 1357 Fax:011 674 2365

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