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Joint Aid Management (JAM) is a South African founded registered non-profit humanitarian organisation that has been expanding its expertise in relief and sustainable development in Africa since 1984.


Its programmes, which are based on a Complete Community Development Approach (CCDA), include Nutritional School Feeding and Interventions, Orphan and Vulnerable Childcare, Water and Sanitation, and Food Development that includes agricultural development and the production of food. Communities are trained alongside these programmes ensuring the opportunity for sustainable programme outcomes. JAM strongly believes that without education, there can be no development. JAM currently assists around 700,000 children through its Nutritional Feeding programme, as well as hundreds of thousands of additional beneficiaries through wider community development ensuring that we provide a hand up toward communities becoming self sufficient.

To transform African communities by developing viable social enterprise.

To empower Africans to create better lives for themselves.

To HELP AFRICA HELP ITSELF, using our Complete Community Development Approach (CCDA), in order to;

-Save lives through the provision of nutritional food, water and sanitation
-Sustain lives through health and social programmes such as HIV/Aids training, small holder farmer assistance, basic skills development, nutrition and health education
-Improve lives through education, technical training and transitional financ
-Create better lives by providing linkages to sustainable commercial business development

Our Story

JAM began in 1984 after its founder, Peter Pretorius, became stranded in an area called Pambarra in Mozambique. Peter was at a food distribution centre for 10 days without food or a change of clothes.

There was no food at the centre, only 34,000 starving people. Every day more than 30 people died and he helped bury them in shallow trench graves.

Broken by the reality of this suffering, Peter was filled with a resolve to feed and help as many people as possible. Now, more than two decades later, Joint Aid Management is making a difference to hundreds of thousands of lives in seven African countries: Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Our Structure

JAMs headquarters, aka JAM International, is a global NGO located in South Africa and is the base from which all our country operations are controlled in order to carry out the programmes that reach our beneficiaries in Angola, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Sudan and South Africa. Countries such as Angola, Mozambique, South Sudan and South Africa have their own local offices with their own country operations teams in place to help carry out programmes in the most efficient way possible. Rwanda is looked after by our South African country operations team, who use their resources to carry out its programmes. We have six affiliate offices; in the USA, Canada, Norway, UK, Germany, Switzerland and South Africa that each market JAM within their respective countries to increase awareness of JAM as well as form and nurture partnerships for the organisation.

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