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We are excited to introduce people all around South Africa to a new way of fitness and rehabilitation.

Our Vision is to enable and develop The Inner Warrior Athlete within ourselves.

Our Mission is to develop Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Toughness and to be prepared. Changing every individual’s life and the lives of those they touch in the process.

The company has been going strong for 36 years in the USA, and now JSSA is spreading the word in South Africa. Our goal is to help people improve athletic performance, improve fitness, lose weight, become more flexible, prevent injuries and get relief from chronic injuries.

Jump Stretch South Africa (JSSA) is the only licensed distributor of Flexband in Africa. We believe that a distributor will greatly benefit from using the Jump Stretch name which has been highly respected in the fitness market for over the past 30 years. A fully trained distributor will be well-equipped to succeed in the fitness market.

Distributors have become an important part of our business with distributor throughout the USA and into other countries, including Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom, Japan, and now South Africa.

The Jump Stretch South Africa Owner & Director Pierre Assor is certified fitness trainer and coach with 20 years experience in exercise, sport science, sports management and a Master certified Jumpstretch Flexband Trainer, and the sole importer for Flexband in Africa, which affords his customers/clients the most accurate, broadly experienced, and comprehensive solutions to their pressing fitness needs.

We are confident that Jump Stretch South Africa is going to revolutionize the fitness, sport, and rehabilitation industries.

JSSA currently have several clients who are interested in the training techniques with FlexbandsR as well as the various flexibility and rehabilitation courses we offer. The list of current interest includes: The Springbok Rugby Union, The Blue Bulls Rugby Union, The Sharks Rugby Union, The Western Province Rugby Union, The Freestate Rugby Union, Noordheuwel High School, Krugersdorp High School, HTS Middelburg High School, Maragon Private School, Mamelodi Sundowns Soccer Team ,Bloemfontein Celtics Soccer Team, High Performance Center Pretoria, High Performance Institute Potchefstroom, Free State Sport Science Institute ,Stellenbosch Sport Academy ,Glenburn Lodge , Forever Resorts and Focused Therapy equipment suppliers, Hoёrskool Hermanus , Paul Roos Gymnasium, St Benedicts , Glenwood High, Michael house, Tuks Rugby, Grey College Bloemfontein, Hoёrskool Fichardtpark Bloemfontein, Bio Product Bloemfontein, Hoёrskool Landboudal .The list of clientele is growing daily. With the interest of North West University (NWU), University of Johannesburg (UJ) and University of Freestate (UFS)’s Sport Science Department and our Stretching, Fitness and rehabilitation courses we plan to include these courses in the curriculum for the Sport Science and Human Movement Curriculums. Jumpstretch South Africa (JSSA) is officially listed as a proud supplier of SARU (South African Rugby Union) .

JSSA have been working closely with two physiotherapy practices to design functional variable isotonic rehabilitation courses and will introduce them to the various Tertiary Educational Institutes of South Africa. The Institute of Physiotherapy from the Netherlands has also shown interest accrediting the courses for Training Seminars in the band techniques for coaches, trainers, and healthcare professionals. These seminars have been approved by the NSCA for Continuing Education Credits, and are worth .7 CEU’s in United States of America JSSA together with the  Universities will apply to all the relevant authorities and organizations for accreditation of all the courses offered.

Jumpstretch (PTY)Ltd Reg no. 2007/002868/07


About the bands:

Flex BandsR are used in a variety of settings for strength training, flexibility, and rehabilitation. The bands provide variable isotonic exercise, meaning that the pressure changes throughout the range of motion.

Flex BandsR are a continuous band made of latex. They are 28” in diameter, and are 41” in length. The difference between the sizes is the width of the bands, with the bands providing a greater resistance. Mini bands are .” wide, and offer 5-25 lbs or 2-11 kgs of resistance at the top of the lift. Light bands are 1 1/8” wide, and offer 30-50 lbs or 14-23 kgs per band; Average bands are 1 .” wide and offer 65-85 lbs or 30-39 kgs per band; and Strong bands are 2 .” wide and offer 80-100 lbs or 36-45 kgs per band. Monster band offers up to 200 lbs or 90 kgs-110 kg ( top of the lift) of resistance.

Jumpstretch South Africa wants to expand into schools who qualify for the criteria for Social Economical Upliftment projects as well as Sport and Recreation Development. Recently the National Educational Department stated that it is of Extreme Importance to reintroduce Sport and Recreational Programs into the School Curriculum. Jumpstretch South Africa proposes the following:

Jumpstretch (PTY)Ltd Reg no. 2007/002868/07

A JSSA HPFCC(High Performance Functional Conditioning Centre) be installed into available areas, most public schools have a gym hall were indoor training programs used to be conducted. JSSA HPFCC systems fits into small areas, are very functional systems and fully customizable to fit the needs and requirements of all sport codes .


  • Covert available hall into a Jump Stretch facility or
  • Use the existing exercise space in School Gyms
  • The building requirements may also vary depending on the type of facility. Ideally one would need a 10

foot to 20 foot wall space for piping system, a running area of approximately 20 feet and proper flooring.

  • The piping system comes out of the wall up to 18 inches; therefore it can be added to any room. The

pipes will not get in the way of any of any other function in the room which means it can still be used for all other fitness classes.

  • How many staff members need to be qualified?
  • Ideally you may need to have at least 2-4 staff members per school as certified Jump Stretch instructors.
  • We would suggest that you offer the more experienced trainers the opportunity to use the Jump

Stretch training and at a later stage open it up to other trainers.

  • We want to make sure individuals are using the bands correctly, so that clients achieve the best results

possible. Safety is our number 1 priority, that’s why we offer Training Seminars in the band techniques for coaches, trainers, and healthcare professionals.

  • We suggest a “cycle” of training for the different HPFCC’s around South Africa, meaning that we can focus on training one region at a time for a month. During that time frame we will incorporate the bands into the gym, work with the trainers hands on and provide any assistance where needed. From one HPFCC in each area we can teach all the trainers in that specific region, for one whole month, and then move to the next region until every region has been certified. Every region must have a master trainer who will have to work closely with us to ensure that the quality of service is delivered.

Jumpstretch (PTY)Ltd Reg no. 2007/002868/07

Implementation Plan

Optional Piping Arrangements

Jumpstretch (PTY)Ltd Reg no. 2007/002868/07


Depending on customizable Systems pricing will differentiate according to sizes and Flexband requirements.

Jumpstretch (PTY)Ltd Reg no. 2007/002868/07


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