Maximum Profit Recovery Pty Ltd

Maximum Profit Recovery (MaxProf), is a highly specialised Financial Services player founded in 2001. The company’s service offerings include reviews of VAT and Aps. We perform a contingency based review of all your VAT transactions going back 5 years.

MaxProf is a leader in this niche market taking advantage of an intelligent IT system developed and continuously enhanced in-house over a period of 13 years allowing us to do a 100% line-by-line review of all your VAT transactions.

Over these years, MaxProf has delivered significant value by adding between .1 and 2 % to its clientele’s bottom line. This history is backed by a proven recovery record, which we pride ourselves in.

An added advantage for our clients is that the value is delivered at no direct costs to the client – thanks to our contingency based costing model


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107 Haymeadow Street,

Faerie Glen



Tel:  012 991 8966


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