As one of South Africa’s leading school tour operator we have stringent evaluations for venues that we make use of and there for you can be assured that each and every venue that we do utilize is Top Class and has complied with all of our evaluation standards.visits to each venue are made to ensure that standards are met at all times. We are also registered with the Dept. of Education to give you our client and our parents peace of mind .

On all of our Specialized tours we assure quality and service for all clients. We accomplish this by sending one of our trained Guides with you on tour to make all touring procedures comfortable and trouble free. All programs are designed according to each schools individual needs.

Outdoor Education Africa – Mission

We provide our future leaders with environmental education tours to contribute to the planet. We conduct these tours in wilderness areas to contribute to the nature conservation through educating our learners.

Outdoor Education Africa – Vision

We see ourselves as the leading school tour operator is Sub Saharan Africa.

Outdoor Education Africa – Values

We strive to be the best we can be and try to get the learners to do the same.

Outdoor Education Africa was founded by Ronel M. Harris in the year 2000 and was inspired by her own passion for our beautiful country when realising the wealth of knowledge we stand to gain from embracing nature.

General Information
We have a service contact for our transport needs with Megabus, Megabus has been in Business for many years and is one of South Africa’s most reliable bus companies.
Semi Luxury Coaches is used to ensure that your trip is comfortable and Pleasant. Luxury Coaches can be booked at additional cost.

Contact us

Cnr CR Swart & Mimosa Wilropark
Johannesburg, South Africa 1724
Phone: (011) 768 5934
Fax: (011) 764-5084

Ronel Harris:
Cell: 082 555-5746

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