Spectramed has more than 50 years’ experience in the medical scheme industry. Originating in 1957 as a restricted scheme for the South African printing industry, Spectramed became a commercial scheme in 1997. Today, the Scheme makes use of a Next Generation™ funding model, which combines the traditional/hybrid- and savings scheme funding models. This model offers members a choice between pure hospital cover and options with hospital- and day-to-day cover.

Spectramed members can choose between five benefit options for their healthcare cover: Spectra Cobalt, Spectra Azure, Spectra Capri, Spectra Cyan and Spectra Aqua. The range of benefit options ensures that the specific healthcare needs of our members are taken care of – from the older member that requires comprehensive healthcare cover, to the first-time healthcare cover buyer needing hospital cover only.

Our brand statement, ‘The right choice for the right reasons’, serves to illustrate that we are focused on making the right choices when it comes to the healthcare cover of our members.

So, make the right choice when it comes to your healthcare partner, funder and guardian.

Phone one of our top consultants, Ferdhosia Boston, on 074 475 8543, orBrian Hattingh on 061 407 1709, for more information on the benefits that Spectramed has to offer members of Rocci. Alternatively, send us an email at rocci@spectradma.co.za or visit our website at www.spectramed.co.za.

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