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The Culture of Life Apostolate (CoLA), is a Non- Profit Organisation, that was inspired by the Johannesburg Catholic Archbishop Buti Thlagale, to assist pregnant women and young expectant girls, In-pregnancy-crisis, to realise that abortion was not the only true alternative they have regarding their precious innocent babies.

We offer them accommodation, at one or two pregnancy crisis houses, known as
The Divine Mercy Houses, one in the East Rand (for under 18years ) and one in the West Rand (for over
18 years ), we also offering them pre-birth counselling and basic skills training, to empower them to
Make more informed decisions in the future for themselves and their babies. We also assist them with a third alternative, which is adoption if they so wish, we act a temporary intermediary between them and
The Adoption Agencies, and ensure that during this process, their rights are upheld.

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No. 154 Van Dalen Street South

PO Box 58

Call: +27(0)11 402 6400

Email: cultureoflifejhb@gmail.com

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