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The Jacques de Villiers Group was started to help organisations improve their sales.

To this end it offers business improvement training, sales management training, sales training, copywriting training and business speakers.


It does both in-house and public business improvement courses.

It’s facilitators and consultants are all experts in their particular fields.

Once your real business issue is uncovered, the Jacques de Villiers Group will find the right solution and the correct trainers and consultants to help you improve your sales.

We have the following solutions to help your organisation improve its business and increase sales:




–          Sales management training

–          Sales training

–          Key account management training

–          Copywriting training

–          Presentation skills training

–          Leadership skills training




–          Copywriting

–          Content marketing

–          Search engine optimisation

–          Internet marketing

–          Social media marketing

–          Business speakers

–          Sales staff evaluations



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