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Is a facilitator my engagements focus on long-term behaviour change. Whether you are trying to make organisational or personal change happen, or are trying to change the world, let me help you put the pieces together.


For the last 17 years, I have had the privilege of interacting with business executives and other senior leaders from such diverse industries as, Government and Parastatals, Mining, Emergency Services, Banking, Education, Manufacturing, Retail and Sales.

This experience for me has reinforced 3 significant truths;

  1. An Enterprise is only as successful as the people that work there.
  2. Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less (John Maxwell), and
  3. Personal trials are current and faced by everyone, without exception.


To what extent do these truths resonate with you?


Working with executives, leaders and their teams, I specialise in understanding counter-productive behaviours and the consequences for their enterprises. In addressing these issues, my core message is aimed at bringing about a culture of ‘ownership’ in a 21st century “Servant” leadership inspired environment.


My core message: You can train, you can motivate, and you can even threaten, but unless you can influence the thinking of your target audience, neither long term behaviour change nor a significant return on investment, can be expected.


My offering: a unique, cost effective, fast-tracked conversion from employee to ownership/ mentalities.


My key competencies: an ability to influence, inspire and focus my audience, that there can be no doubt of what their ‘next step’ ought to be.


Allan Harvey
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