Look no further. The WrapMYcar.co.za team has over 1000 vehicles “under wraps”…


International studies have indicated that vehicle branding is possibly the best value for money advertising that you will ever get, as follows:


. Once off cost, for long-term branding (newspaper advert costs as much and is gone in a day, and billboards have a high monthly overhead)
. You are advertising in your target area, as you obtain business from your surroundings
. An advert has to be seen many times before it starts working. Your vehicle is your advert, and the same people will see this vehicle over and over, subconsciously “driving” your message home.


WrapMYcar.co.za offers you a range of branding types, from decals, through to partial wraps, and then full wraps, and we also offer assorted grades of branding, from low-cost promotional (6 month lifespan) used for launches, specific events etc, through to CAST long-life vinyl for more permanent applications.

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