ROCCI Presents this unique Platform for Members only. These Member to members specials are Exclusive to Members in supporting each other. ROCCI Encourages all to make use of these exclusive and unique offers.

Exclusive to ROCCI Members Only!

Kia Motors Roodepoort Presents

Special discount on any new Kia purchased from Kia Roodepoort, exclusive to ROCCI members only!

LabourNet Westrand Presents

Exclusive for ROCCI members LabourNet offers a Free compliance audit focusing on Industrial Relations, Occupational Health and Safety, Transformation, Payroll  etc.

In addition, ROCCI members automatically qualify for an additional 10% discounted rate on any service/ product offered by LabourNet

Exclusive to ROCCI members will receive a Business Doctors Roodepoort diagnoses business assessment, to the value of R2500.00

As a ROCCI Members you get exclusive access to;

Accredited Recommendations & Referral Letters for International Business travel

Mediation & Arbitration Centre – refer disputes for Mediation / Arbitration as an alternative to litigation

Access and Free Boardroom facility  usage -available exclusive to members

ROCCI is an Accredited Chamber which certifies International Trade – Certificates of Origin

Referral Hub – ROCCI directs fellow members and potential clients to your door, highlighting your business

ROCCI facilitates member to member Business Introductions conducive to your sales, success and profit margin

Direct access to Executive, Professional Portfolio services i.e. Legal, Safety & Security, BEE, Employee Benefits, Corporate Liaison, Tourism, etc

ROCCI Lobbies on behalf of members on critical issues affecting business, with Local Government

Free listings on ROCCI’s Website www.rocci.org with a direct link to your site & other  social media platforms. Job Listings, Business News,Circulars,Broadcasts send outs and much more.

Income based medical aid offers from Fedhealth exclusive to members,their Staff & Families. Where you will experience an on eon one visits, no concessions and a whole lost more ( Not available to the public)

ROCCI – We know our worth do you know yours?

We proudly stand by our strict code of ethics and principals and shoulder the responsibilities of upholding our members to the highest degree. We are second to none and are known for delivering over 4 decades of Business relationships, community support projects and uplifting our business community,our fellow people,our city and our country.

We are Your “Voice of Business”– Your Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Second to None and we stand tall and proud in celebrating and supporting our Members, seeing them soar to new heights of success.

If you are Not a Member of our ROCCI Chamber, ask yourself why not? We are Your Chamber, Your Family of Business, Your “Voice” We serve you, in honor,right business standing and moral and ethical business practice.

ROCCI WE ARE Your “VOICE of Business”

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