Need a Proper Medical Aid,that’s affordable and effective???

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Dear Valued ROCCI Members, have we got news for YOU.

ROCCI has partnered with FEDHEALTH, who is offering ROCCI Members only and their staff and family, wonderful deals on Medical Aid.

This is not a hospital plan or some dream, this is the real deal, as YOUR Chamber we got YOU our valued Members the best deals on Proper Medical aid that is affordable and custom designed for each ones individual needs, which is also super affordable.

We love this deal so much we at the ROCCI Office have personally signed on and to  date have no regrets,no problems and are rest assured that our health and well being are taken care of without a worry.

I can personally attest to the excellent service I have received since signing myself and my son on. In December, undergoing an unexpected medical emergency , I was treated so well, and even to date, my follow up visits to my GP have been a breeze. Its affordable to my budget and I’m secured in the knowledge that should I or my son need any medical care, irrespective of the care needed, I have a proper medical aid that looks after us“, Says Michelle Mc Intosh-Marais – Logistics Coordinator of ROCCI.

To find out more call us as ROCCI Members ONLY , You too can get fantastic benefits and deals customised to your medical needs and requirements, not available to the public.

For additional information call (010) 595 -9644 or mail

We will send a consultant directly to YOU.

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