Roads and Transport Infrastructure

Ongoing communication between local Councillor Rehana Moosajee who is a member of the Mayoral committee on Transport , resulting in a presentation by the latter to Chamber members on the 27th May2009 at a Chamber member lavish Networking dinner session held at the beautiful Croco Lodge with regard to an update on the Bus Rapid Transit system and where it currently stands to an insight into the Transportation Values adopted by the Council to create a culture of road behavioural change amongst all commuters – passengers, drivers and pedestrians.
These Values, which when unpacked to its optimum and publicized and communicated widely and effectively can set Gauteng as the benchmark city for road user compliancy that should ensure a free flow of traffic within the ambit of compliancy.

Topline headings under which these Values, are categorized are :


Further inputs into reducing the current congestion on roads by creating Taxi laybyes to prevent the obstruction of mainstream traffic on the main arterial roads plus the management  of heavy duty vehicles responsible for the movement of freight  through the creation and enforcement of a dedicated lane and the provision of more container terminals leading to a hub and spoke operation.

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