The adoption and application of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) professionals methodology and tools by South African industry to achieve efficiency, competitiveness and transformation to a low carbon and climate resilient economy has increased exponentially over recent years. Encouraged and enforced by legislative developments, South African industry is expected to prioritise their commitment to RECP. These developments necessitates the establishment of a Peer Recognition Association that could eventually become a Professional Body for RECP Practitioners.

RECP encompass a wide range of scientific and engineering fields covering all of the basic sciences and engineering with many of their applied derivativ

The mission of this RECP Professional Association is to establish, direct, sustain and ensure a high level of professionalism and ethical conscience amongst RECP professionals. The professional standards, to be recommended by this Association for its recognised members/practitioners, should be internationally acceptable and in the broad interest of the community and economic sectors they serve. The Association will develop a Code of Conduct through a consultative and democratic process, agreed to by a representative group of professional peers and applied to members.


The aim of the RECP Association is to become the Professional Body for RECP practitioners by creating the capacity to execute the following responsibilities:

  • Promote best practice of scientists and engineers who are practicing across multiple disciplines relating to RECP and Environmentally Sustainable economic practices in South Africa.
  • Ensure and administer the voluntary registration of RECP practitioners.
  • Develop and administer standards of practice, as well as a code of conduct for RECP professionals.
  • Identify and outline different categories of RECP practitioners, recommend education and training requirements for each and develop a career path for RECP practitioners.
  • Recommend and develop proposed professional designations for RECP practitioners.
  • Establish a recommended framework for continuous professional development of RECP practitioners.
  • Protect the interests of qualified RECP practitioners, industry, as well as the public by building trust in the integrity of members.


Operating Principles

The RECP Peer Recognition Association will operate as a voluntary association, governed by elected members from the recognised RECP Professional fraternity and establish itself as a Non-Profit Organisation. The Association will be governed according to the Non-Profit Organisation Act (Act 71 of 1997), the Companies Act (Act 71 of 2008) and the King IV Code.


It is intended to represent the interests of all RECP Professionals and will apply for registration by SAQA as the Professional Body for RECP related professions, as soon as it is sufficiently capacitated.


It will guard and promote the integrity of RECP practitioners and protect the consumers of RECP skills against harmful or unethical practices by individuals who are not qualified to perform the responsibilities associated with or expected from recognised RECP professionals.


The National Cleaner Production Centre – South Africa (NCPC-SA) will provide leadership support as well as administrative, logistical and human resources during the first two years of the process, or until the RECP Peer Recognition Association can function autonomously.



The process has been unfolding as follow, and will continue to do so:

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