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Real Estate & Property Services (Pty) Ltd (“REPS”) was established in 1984, the original company acted as an administration company or cost centre for associated property-owning companies in the Group. REPS transformed into a diversified property solution company, focusing on the core business to supply tailor-made property solutions to the private and public sector.

Today REPS is a reliable, multi-faceted company that strives to empower their clients by providing

specialized property services and maximize value to client’s assets.

The principal business of the company is to deliver high quality value added commercial, industrial and residential property solution to benefit the customer’s requirements, to invest in the utilization of resources for the purpose to operate to satisfactory administer these properties to realize optimal, sustainable and to unlock maximum benefit and value.

Contact information:

Telephone No: 011 027 1400

Fax no: 086 618 7458

Emergency No: 011 025 9339




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