Relocation of Wilro Park customers from Kloofendal to own substation

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Relocation of Wilro Park customers from Kloofendal to own substation.

 City Power customers in Wilro Park will soon be supplied with their own newly installed transformer at Wilro Park substation.

Wilro Park residents have not been having their own transformer to supply them with electricity due to upgrades that are taking place at their substation.

They are currently being supplied by a temporary transformer installed at Kloofendal substation.

City Power engineers and technicians are currently busy with the relocation of 11kv cables and other electrical equipment from Kloofendal substation to Wilro park substation to connect to the new Wilro Park transformer.

This reconstruction work is envisaged to be completed by the 20th of September with the weather conditions permitting as rainfall becomes a hindrance in this type of construction work.

The transformer installation for Wilro Park was supposed to have been completed in April this year after mid-term budget however due to budgetary constraints it was deferred to this financial year hence the new transformer for Wilro park substation has now been installed and tested and it is ready to supply electricity.

Another delay caused to the installation of Wilro Park transformer was the initial unavailability of specialized testing equipment and later on the Eikenhof transformer fire, which meant that critical City Power technical teams had to be dispatched to Eikenhof for reassembling and energizing of Eikenhof replacement transformer.

The relocation of Wilro Park residents from Kloofendal substation to Wilro Park substation means that only two 11kv cables per day can be moved due to the cumbersome nature of the cabling work which involves trenching, cutting, jointing, pulling, heavy lifting and intense labour, within a live substation.

At this juncture City Power is ready with all the resources and equipment to move supply of Wilro Park residents from Kloofendal substation to their own substation. It is expected that this job will be finished by the 20th of September whereby Wilro Park customers will be supplied from their own substation transformer.

City Power is ready to give a progress report after the 20th should there be delays on the commissioning of the Wilro Park transformer.

The high noise level being experienced at Kloofendal substation, coming from the temporary transformer is expected to be lowered as some of its load would have been transferred to the new transformer at Wilro Park substation.


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