ROCCI announces the Dawn of a new season.

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The Dawn of a new season for ROCCI

As the season changes, so business needs changes and we step into a new day, one more step into the future and we evolve and revolutionize with the coming and goings of ages. We learn from the old, live in the present and grow with the new.

ROCCI says farewell to our 2018 Executive Board and thanks them for their time served at ROCCI and wish them well in their future endeavors wherever their journey may take them;

Farewell to  Exco Board 2018

ROCCI President – Quintus Lottering
Vice President – Leon Marinus
Labour Relations – Yolanda Jansen Van Vuuren
Legals & Legislation – Gerhard Culane
Safety & Security – Captain Karen Jacobs
Marketing – Bongani Gosa
Treasurer – Wessie Van Der Westhuizen
Entrepreneurship – Sakkie Stoltz

On 18th September 2019,nominations for the New board was passed and  we will announce the new changes soon.

ROCCI has evolved into a new era of change and we are excited to announce to Members all the benefits to come.

Lobbying for on on behalf of our Members to Government, new business developments, new technology structures,new legislation new Inter Chamber movements, ECOO’s, COIDO Partnerships and so much more.

The past 9 months has seen a new revolutionary change within ROCCI and we will soon be sharing all these changes with our valued Members in Good Standing.

Its the dawn of a revolutionary new season of success,stability,persistence,honesty,integrity, shared with Members who share the same values we do, this new ROCCI Family will raise to new heights and ” Team ROCCI Family” will evolve into the future of change together,united in all things to come.

Watch this space it is going to be a journey not to forget.



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