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 Allan Harvey of Think & Performs, Time Management – A Misnomer
Black Eagle Boutique Hotel & Conferences hosted Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI) and Think & Perform renowned speaker Allan Harvey’s, Time Management – A Misnomer.
Various ROCCI Members & non- members from all different companies joined the Chamber at Black Eagle for this workshop, with a collective goal of how to make more time, or manage our time more effectively, in order to increase productivity and gest tasks completed timeously.
Allan’s workshops in general really impresses a change of thinking in one’s self, and the complex associated assimilation that go along with it, opens one’s mind and changes your perception and perspective.
A simple example Allan made was that when one first received their drivers license, when driving one was aware of the road, rules, your safety, in a conscious state of high competence, however once we gained the confidence and excelled driving, we often, drink coffee, or text and or speak on our cell phones etc, losing your, high alertness or consciousness.
Time Management is an older generational concept, where companies and managers have tried everything to dissolve conflict, encourage team building and “manage” a person, and yet to date have failed to get the results, even after spending millions of rand in investing to skill employees.
There is a simple explanation, says Harvey, as one cannot “manage” time, but you can manage behavior, thus “self-management” in sorting what is important, priority, or a waste of time.
“The path of change is temporary, but the pain of regret is eternal” says Harvey.
The ROCCI office attended this morning workshop, as we can all agree that one walks away thinking differently and taking away value from this amazing workshop, we will apply the methods and keep you updated.
We at ROCCI encourage and recommend all to take this workshop, learn to think and apply the absolute powerful wisdom you incur of this workshop.
Black Eagle Boutique Hotel & Conferences treated all guests with delicious food and fantastic hospitality, staff very friendly and professional . They are the Gold Venue winner of the ROCCI/FNB Business of the Year 2016 a well deserved award.
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