ROCCI/EC Security Annual Potjiekos Challenge 2019 – Huge Success!

ROCCI/EC Security 2019 Annual Potjiekos Challenge

In the quiet of the vast lands, beams of light broke the dusk as participants started arriving at the breathtaking venue of Hakanamatata lodge to partake in the 2019 ROCCI/EC Security Annual Potjiekos challenge.

As the sun rose and melted the last drops of dew, stands were erected and themes created as participants made ready for the fun day. Themed stalls ranged from, medieval times, Christmas in July, retro Pop, a Sheebeen stand, bookworms, Cowboys/Cowgirls, CIA,FBI and handcuffs amongst many more.

The dress-up themed day was on the rise, as fires started, ingredients checked and a warm welcome by the MC  and music provided by ROCKET AV along with appearing popular artists and  judges arrived.

Tanya V, Anton “Muso” Van Rooyen and live band, namely Reaching Infinity awed the crowd with their musical talents, throughout the day, as the teams cook off began.

Team building commenced throughout the day, brings all companies together in unity and fun.

EC Security the title sponsor of the Potjiekos challenge welcomed all guests and challenged participants to visit their stands to partake in his challenge of the year, with a strong warning about a disclaimers being signed. Only the brave dared to venture to EC security’s stand, with their wicked grins and mirth filled giggles watched as their unsuspecting brave victims lined up to face the challenge.

The challenge consisted on  ghost pepper concentrated paste, which was put on the challengers tongue, while they braved the burn they were offered a shot of snake venom moonshine, to wash it down, which added to the burn. Nothing it what is seemed at that stand, as their sweets and their crisps were all booby traps of  more heat and fire. The after effects leaving their victims in tears, red noses,numb lips and tongues,causing slurring and a lot of “blushing”, with their faces as red as the burn they felt, as they tried to brave the brunt of the burn, much to the laughter and mirth of all the spectators. It was clear EC Security won the challenge hands down, of the day as the burn took pride in defeating all its challengers.  One can hardly wait for next year to see what EC security cooks up next, what fun!

Meet the Judges

Executive Chefs and Master Chefs ;

Faraaz Panaino of Misty Hills Country Hotel,Karen Blanche of the Guvon Academy ,Sihle Skwambane of Randpark Golf Club, Tristan Latouf of Dinner Time Stories SA ,  Jovan of JEM Catering , Johan “Panda” Du Preez -Starke Ayres, Lelani Kuter of  Date Night and local celebrity and actor David Rees.

THE STEYN GROUP – Head Judge Isabel Steyn – Who has been head judge for over 13 years, assisted by Chief adjudicating Judge Thea Steyn, of Travel Learning Centre, ensured that fair judging took place and the rules made clear. The Steyns – Isabel, Thea and Charl (MC) – Have been part of  the ROCCI family for many years and involved nationally and accredited with various Judging platforms and corporate functions for many years, they are well loved and respected all over.

As the judges started their gastronomical task,of tasting all the pots to determine the winning pot, participants were jovial and the excitement palpable, while one could smell the decadent mixed aromas in the air.

Jack Black Brewery opened up their free Draughts beer for all and everyone got to sample their beer on offer, which was raved about.

As the day wore on, finally the judges broke to deliberate, with the sun setting, bon fires lit up, while the live band performed their debut.  Reaching Infinity performance stunned everyone with their phenomenal talent,  spectators were in awe whilst listening to this  astronomical band under the stars, their music music dauntingly beautiful.

Prize tables were brought out with exciting gifts and participants gathered together to see who would win, in the build up to prize giving.

MC Charl Steyn got the audience dancing, singing and jovial, as all waited in abated breathe for the judges to arrive with the final results. The MC Teasing and building up the anticipation, called up three companies to present themselves on stage, only to reveal they were the last three pots and not the winners, which was met with laughter all in good spirit, as ROCCI Members,  they know at ROCCI, everyone is a winner.

Finally the MC announced the winners and here they are:

First Place:                                     Pathways Roodepoort/Absolut Security – Medieval times

Second Place:                                Assured Security Solutions – The Potjie Boys

Third Place:                                  EDS Projects – Remember the Tartans

Best Team Spirit:                        EC Security – Secure your pot

Best Exhibit Stand:                    Pathways Roodepoort/Absolut Security – Medieval Times

Best Dressed Team:                  EDS Projects – Remember the Tartans

Best Dressed Chef:                   B-Square -Mathys Booyens – Ithumba Shebeen

As everyone at ROCCI is a winner,all teams received prizes in their respective categories, even the last place pot received a smiley jam jar with a plaster and stress ball, all in the spirit of good fun.

As the Prize giving wrapped up, fires were fed, the after party started, while stands were packed up the  dancing began under the stars at the beautiful venue of Hakunamatata.

Each Year ROCCI Hosts this platform for our Members, which we treasure and value and its with great pride and joy we share the new memories, bank the laughter  in our hearts and minds and smile in fond memory and anticipate the next year to strive yet again to supersede this year’s fantastic Potjiekos day.

Special Thanks to:

  • EC Security – Thank you for being the title sponsor for the third year running and wonderful ROCCI supporters – we love and value our relationship and look forward to next years wicked challenge in anticipation. What a spectacular group of people, everyone adores EC Security, they secure not only your needs but your hearts.
  • The Steyn Group – For always  going above and beyond and being wonderful, well respected and adored by all.
  • Hakanamatata – For hosting ROCCI’s Potjiekos competition, your venue is beautiful and  has left and awed impact on all, memories made in this beautiful place. Thank you to Nico Swartz, Ina and all the staff at Hakamnamata for going the extra mile and delivering excellent service and hosting, which will be spoken about for a long time.
  • Tanya V – Thank you for entertaining all with your angelic voice and phenomenal personality, you are loved by all, we at ROCCI can always count on you.
  • Anton ‘Muso’ Van Rooyen – Thank you for your wonderful talent, fabulous tunes who got the crowd up and dancing – even with a numb mouth and tongue after braving the wicked challenge, you went on to sing and laugh and entertain all the same.
  • Reaching Infinity – Debut – WOW what can we say this band will go far and beyond everyone’s expectations, their talent second to none, yet undiscovered no more, as we honour this live band with their fantastic talent, we look forward to hearing you soar to new heights as you break borders with your talent.
  • All Participants & Visitors – Thank you for being part of the ROCCI family , it brings us joy to provide this platform for you, and every year you blow us away with your laughter, themes, cooking skills and love and loyalty – without you, this platform wouldn’t be possible, Thank you.
  • Jan Grobbelaar – Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and skill, in sponsoring your beautiful handmade wood crafts and gifts for our participants, your artistry is beautiful and we are sure those who were lucky enough to win one of your gifts were thrilled.
  • ALL contributors & Sponsors – Thank you for contributing your skills, gifts and leaving a mark in everyone’s hearts.

Sponsors & Gifts:

  • Hakanamatata – Hosting/Rooms/Hospitality
  • Jack Black Brewery / Stellenbrau– Free Craft Beer Garden
  • FourAela – 1st Prize Sponsors of Braai units
  • SA Home Loans – Note pads/pens and vehicle car freshener’s
  • Barnyard Theatre- Vouchers
  • Standard Bank – Powerbanks / Cases
  • SDG Hotel – Vouchers
  • Jimmy’s Sauces – Hampers
  • Hirschs – Cook Books
  • Foreworth Industries – Vouchers
  • Faithfully Yours – Vouchers
  • Finyos – Stress Balls
  • Founders Grill – Vouchers
  • Hair@ Maria’s – Vouchers
  • Magaliesburg Wild Game Farm – Vouchers

Talent / Entertainment /Housing /Team building & Sponsors

  • EC Security – Photography / Challenge / Title Sponsor
  • Vaultage Media / WestRand News – Photography/Drone Footage/Media Coverage
  • Uka Africa – Team Building
  • ROCKET AV – Music and Sound
  • Hakanamatata – Hosting Venue / Accommodation/ Bon Fires
  • Outdoor Africa – Water Bottles
  • Dash E – Support & Assistance

Participants and teams names and place

Gold Winner   1st                             Pathways Roodepoort / Absolut Security – Me-di-val-ons

Silver Winner  2nd                          Assured Security – Potjie Boys

Bronze Winner 3rd                         EDS Projects Pty Ltd Remember the Tartans

4th           Ramiki Ramkiki – Jacked-Up

5th           B2 – Ithumba Shebeen

6th           Fouraela Pty Ltd – Fouraela Forkers

7th           ER24 Johannesburg – Ma-se-Proe

8th           Hakunamatata – Mr. Mufasa

9th           FSG Property Services Pty Ltd – FSG Beetle Juice

10th         VaultAge Media / Westrand News – Marvels of Media

11th         PMBi Attorneys – PMBi

12th         Hirsch’s Strubens Valley – Team Fireball

13th         Lifestyle Brokers No1 – HKGK “Hier Kom Goeie Kos”

14th         HJJF Trading Pty Ltd – The Bush Wackers

15th         EC Security Services – Secure your Pot (Lamb)

16th         Itec Advances – Hoodlums & Saints

17th         FSG Property Services Pty Ltd – Underground

18th         A. Blake Publishers – Book Worms

19th         FSG Property Services Pty Ltd – Guardians of the Oxpot

20th         EC Security Services – Secure your Pot (Chicken)

21st         Standard Bank – Bank Bandits

22nd        FSG Property Services Pty Ltd – Abba-licious

23rd        Nanotech Water Solutions – Christmas in July

Special Awards

Best Team Spirit:

EC Security – Secure your Pot!

Best Exhibit:

Pathways Roodepoort / Absolut Security -Medieval Times

Best Dressed Team:

EDS Projects Pty Ltd – Remember the Tartans

Best Dress Chef:

B2 – Ithumba Shebeen “Mathys Booyens”


For additional information on the companies/artists/sponsors/crafts/gifts/services/products etc, please contact us and we will be happy to refer you.

Many of the gifts were hand made crafts by people with incredible talent, service providers and true artists.

At ROCCI we all stand together in unity,love,respect and share the same morals,ethics and values. Support your fellow members.

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