JSSA’s Pierre Assor, once again hosted the phenomenal Self-defense programme, at Ruimsig Country club on the 27th September 2016.

Pierre’s programme stands out from the norm, with the SLAPPDOM program specifically designed from navy seal training converted into self-defense.

Here all the ladies and gents present were taught how to empower themselves and prepare for any given situation, into how to defend themselves, with minimum effort with maximum offensive results.

With Pierre’s  humour and positive and effective techniques, all who attended were engrossed in the training, The Cradles of Hope ladies joined us along with Westveiw Clinic, and a variety  ROCCI members and a variety of public  members ranging from SAPS members to a five year old girl along with her mother and grandmother, all learned the very necessary skills to defend themselves.

“This programme is designed for all ages, from the young to the seniors of every community. Crime has no preference, it affects us all, so the programme caters as such, so anyone can do it, by using these skills learned, you can keep yourself safe, and never let anyone hurt, abuse, harm or offend your person again”, says Pierre.

ROCCI would like to thank Ruimsig Country Club who hosted the Chamber for this wonderful self-defense, as well as Pierre Assor for presenting the course.

All participants walk out with a newfound confidence, empowered, confident in the knowledge that they could now go out there and defend themselves.  Pierre Assor through ROCCI will be hosting the first time ever ADVANCED Self-Defenses on the 14th October 2016 at Ruimsig Country Club.

Book You spot today, Call (010) 595 -9644 or mail michelle@rocci.org or book directly at events@rocci.org

Don’t miss out, be empowered, be inspired, be the Victor not the victim.




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