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ROCCI was invited to join the GTS or Global Trade Show this year by the Randburg Chamber and SACCI ( South African Chambers of Commerce & Industry) and what an experience it was.

The Global Trade Show of Networking and Match-Making South Africa (GTS 2019) is an international business and trade show incorporating 4 co-located shows focusing on Food & Beverage Show (FBS)  food & beverage products, Tools & Build Show (TBS)  tools, hardware and building supplies; Household & Appliances Show (HAS) – focusing on housewares, home appliances and furniture as well as Smart Electronics & Security Show (SES) – focusing on smart electronics and security products.

In the three days we attended we met so many people from all over the world.

Meeting with Fellow National Chambers who fall under the umbrella of SACCI and discussing challenges and rewards and experiences has been such a wonderful insight.

International Embassy Members from USA, Belguim, France, Europe amongst others were present and hearing what other countries visions, experiences and how trade is was absolutely educational.

What struck us was that it was proven that to import “A” grade quality foods per example carrots, was cheaper than buying at your local farmer. Should it not it be the other way round? Another eye opener is that how we take for granted just how much trade is done in our country. We drive vehicles which are all foreign; we go to the shop and purchase our favorite chocolate, coldrink and crisps, not even giving thought to where it originates from, all foreign.

Trade has been around for centuries; just how much do you think of what you buy and where it originates from? We personally never gave much mind to it, “in my personal opinion I think we have grown so accustomed to products being there we have never given thought that tonight’s meal you are eating is from different countries, for example ; Let’s take a simple meal of pasta, – Olive oil is from Greece or Sicily, your tomato paste from Italy, your pasta from China or Rome, onions from a farm in Canada and garlic from India’ says Michelle Mc Intosh-Marais who represented ROCCI Chamber.

These are just the basics, “I never ever thought about it that way until I had the privilege of attending the GTS Show and can honestly say I’ll never ever think about any purchase another way again” says Michelle.

Meeting with so many countries, embassies, Chambers of Commerce & Industry it really is sad to think that South Africa is way behind Chambers around the world. Worldwide the majority of Countries have a compulsory mandate that every business should first be registered by their local Chamber of Commerce of Industry before they can trade.

The lack of understanding how a Chamber is an absolute need in every business is just downright sad. We as South Africans are rated as a “third world country” and after this show we can see why.

Michelle says, ”Working for a Chamber and getting to understand the value and benefits in your business and community, I have over the years been blessed to have the passion and understanding of how imperative a chamber is to every business.

We Trade in Business, products and services everyday all over the world, my question and observation is that it is clear why we are seem as a “third world country”, yet we in South Africa have the best of the best of products, Gold, Diamonds, Venues, worldwide and Globally every country wants what we have, yet with our Current situation in the failure of service delivery, politics and corruption we lose face and sight of the bigger picture.

Listening is key to hear what other countries had to say, and one thing every speaker had to say worldwide was “That they are keeping their eye on our country, to see where it is going and what is going to happen with our failing government before they invest further”.

USA also invested and exported goods of over 293 Billion US Dollars into our country this year so far but South Africa’s exports to other countries are way less in imports and exports, however the demand and need is high. Our Country fails in meeting FDA standards and basic rules of origin in our products.

As Europe stated poultry being exported to other countries form South Africa has been stopped because they quality and standards have failed to even ascertain if their presented product of poultry is free range or hormone fed.

We as South Africans have it all yet lack in so much, and Chambers are that gateway to exports and imports and trade.

As our country gears up in stressed breath for yet another fuel hike, Michelle says, “I cannot wrap my head around why this should affect us so much. We produce our own fuel but are paying export prices. Every time the petrol price is hiked up, all products go up, because the logistics and transport sectors cannot deliver our goods on the ever increasing prices, leaving all fellow citizens getting deeper into financial distress and the domino effect rolls around again, job losses, cuts on everything, leading to increased violent crimes and so the circle goes as the greedy fill their pockets the citizens pay the price”.

We have solutions yet take no action, wake up South Africa and stand up and stand together to make this Country stand proud.

After three days and meeting with a rotating crowds of over 20 000 people from every Province nationally and international countries, we  have much to learn and understand and yet remain in hope. Meeting so many people, learning about their cultures and products and trade ways has been an experience and educational nugget of gold which will remembered for a long time.

People united, under the roofs of Gallagher Convention Centre has a little world of so many nations, so many cultures yet all were their united to meet and grow and learn from each other.  What an experience, what wonderful people we met and have made friends, business connections and Trade connections all over, that in itself is priceless.

ROCCI’s next step is visiting our Fellow Chambers tour, standing in unity and later by Grace an national and international Chamber to Chamber tour.

If you are not a Member of a Chamber of Commerce & Industry & Trade, do so today it the first right step you will make, into turning your product, service and business into a success with your Chamber supporting you all the way.

Its with a warm heart and special thanks to Linda Blackbeard of RCCI for inviting us and SACCI for supporting all the legal registered Chambers under SACCI, this experience was amazing and we look forward to the next step.

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