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A voice calls out, and a Chamber hears their silent pleas, this was the tone set for Tuesday 14th November 2017, as ROCCI – Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry  and their Members arrived at Laerskool Ebenhaeser.

This school opened in 1913, and in light of the recent tornado, this little gemstones foundations fragile body was left battered, neglected and crying out for help.  Situated in a predominately poor area, and stigmatized over the years, this school is left out in the cold, while fighting to survive daily by educating the precious children, who come from diverse and unfortunate backgrounds, these are children from families who live around the areas and on rural plots in dire circumstances, where something as simple as a meal a day is a luxury. This is reality, the ugly truth rears it head, and society turns a blind eye, government and departments of education call then a “Non- Priority school”. Since when is educating our children of South Africa a Non Priority? Since when is it a Non Priority that these children and families  that need food, water, clothing and have to forgo a meal?

The majority of these children’s parents are unemployed, mostly people of trade and they too have a silent voice, because they have just about given up, why won’t anyone help this school? These are our fellow people, our citizens in our community, Who decided that they didn’t deserve help? Who decided that they weren’t worthy? How did society measure this? These are questions that run around in my mind, and I wonder why?

ROCCI made a call and went to meet this school and met with the principal namely Mr. Lamprecht, and made a decision to help them.

This school has been educating generations of people  of every race in South Africa for over 105 years.

The school is in dire need of everything, and the infrastructure in fragile and lacks everything. The children who  are victims of circumstance, yet still found  the time to bake cake and raise money for other schools effected, yet they have nothing, and give everything to help others.

Seeing these kids, who come from unfortunate backgrounds and dire circumstances, eyes light up with MATT Stern and Bertha Le Roux, who surprised them with some light entertainment Tuesday morning was awesome, and rendered adults present to tears, and hard swallowing, seeing these precious children’s happiness when they have nothing, leaves one speechless.

Brian of Brian’s Supermarkets and his wife Catheliyn brought every child, over 850 children each a goodie bag with food, coldrink, sweets, fruit and juice. The children were delighted and humbled.

Joppie Steyn of Rumskey and his team came in bringing much needed toilet paper, bullybeef, and food in loads, and Westgate donated clothing.

Patson of APM Security Services, Steve and his wife from Aquacy brought food for the children and Elaine Crous and her team from FNB to plan strategies going forward to help this.
ROCCI Exco board, came out with ROCCI President Quintus Lottering, Immediate Past President Marietjie Esterhuizen, Executive Member, Sakkie Stoltz and Ute Fullerton and Captain Karen Jacobs, along with Chamber Manager Isabel Janse Van Rensburg, to show their support.

Christopher Dickie of Business Doctors along with Paintcor and ER 24 came out to show their support of this school.
Their VOICE is heard, and we want to THANK each and every one who contributed to this project and will stick with us ongoing to help this school until it becomes fully restored and help those children in the school and their families who are in dire need.
Today was a first step in not just making a difference but BEING a difference.

Thank you also to Klein en Deli for spoiling the teachers with the platters of yummies and PNA for supporting them too. Thank you to Andrew Sequeira of Buyrite who spoilt the teachers with delicious chocolates and to Randpark  Club, Curasure and Westgate who donated the R11000.00 rand to the school.

This little schools children have a big spirit and bigger hearts, for they who have nothing raised in their own capacity raised R2500.00 for Protearif and Mulderdrift by selling cake at their school to help towards their needs.

Yet this little school has been left out in the cold, with minimum support from government and the department of education, it’s a sad and ugly truth, but we are the VOICE of business and we will be their VOICE.

ROCCI CARES and we are privileged to have been part of their morning, sharing smiles and laughter with these precious children.

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