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The ROCCI Office joined ROCCI Member Pierre Assor of Jumstetch, for the highly acclaimed ( Navy Seal training) converted into self- defense training on Saturday 18th March 2017. In addition to Pierre Assor who trained with the Navy seals, his new assistant trainer Pierre Smuts of the S.A.S. Royal Marines also joined the training.

The training was presented by JSSA presenting SLAPDOM, which is exclusive, specialized training designed by JSSA, there is no other course like it.  “ In this training you will learn how do defend yourself, be aware of your zones and not allow anyone to hurt you, ever again”, Said Assor.

The group attending ranged from Men, women and Children of all ages, who actively participated in the highly efficient course, learning techniques, train of thought and the best maximum way to protect yourself and possibly others, in any given situation.

This course also touches of Rape prevention, hi-jacking, robbery, home invasions and much more, and catered to every and any situation the attendees could ask about. There is a solution for any given situation. Assor and Smuts displayed an array of weapons in mick attack ranging from guns, batons and knives, and taught the group how to deflect, and defend in any situation. Whether it be verbal or physical, Assor made preparations of effective deflective techniques that match no other. Assor also touched on what kids could do about bullies, and how to effectively defend themselves against those situations.

Under the trees in the Park across from The Bethany House Trust, the group attending, actively participated, walking away empowered, positive and richer in knowledge that could save their lives and protect the lives of their loved ones.

For more information on how you can attend Self Defense or JumpStretch call : Pierre Assor – Ceo

082 549 4092 / 061 411 2470

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