ROCCI Office takes on 6 Day Breakfast Challenge

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ROCCI Office Takes on the 6 Day Breakfast Challenge!

A wise person once said” how do you know our products or services work if you haven’t tried or experienced it”, With this in mind ROCCI has started 2017 taking on our Members in personal support and challenges.

ROCCI office staff took on the 6 day Herbal Life Breakfast challenge, in supporting our proud ROCCI Members as well as adapting to a healthier lifestyle.

We started the Challenge with Herbal Life ROCCI Members Gill and Brett of Herbal Life on Friday 3rd February 2017, where ROCCI staff underwent a full analysis of weight, BMI and a whole lot of diagnostics. Needless to say we weren’t too keen, especially as women, talking about our weight and height etc, is usually met with groans and a whole lot of blushing.

Surprisingly we survived the diagnosis and found it very informative, nonjudgmental and yes a little shocking.

We took on a healthy 6 day healthy breakfast challenge, which with your starter packs, includes herbal tea and shakes, suggested meal plans and informative do’s and don’ts for the week. So the Challenge is simple, in the first hour you wake, you have your tea, (which is delicious by the way) and then your shake, which you can take various ways, either with yogurt, or fruit etc., it really is delicious and filling.

   Then the challenge comes in eating your 5 x meals a day, your snacking, most of us eat our regular three meals a day (if we remember), and eating so many snacks is a challenge. However, doable, with simply eating a protein and a fruit or carb.

The most important part is water intake; according to Herbal Life experts one must drink 1 litre of water for every 30kg of weight. Sometimes even a little more if you are still under hydrated. The water flushes out the bad toxins and hydrates amongst other things. ROCCI office is fortunate to have ROCCI Members, Body Fuel Express Roodepoort who supplies our daily water needs, so we are drinking fantastic healthy water.

So the Challenge is on. To good health, we will keep you posted.

For more information on Herbal Life contact:

Brett on 078 867 2101

Gill on 082 458 2045

Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI)

Tel: 010 595 9644



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