ROCCI Opens the 2017 Network Meet & Greet at the Chamber

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ROCCI , opened their doors for the first 2017 Meet & Greet, held on the 17th February 2017 at the Chamber office. Members attending had the opportunity to hear about the new ROCCI aims and goal for 2017, which raised a lot of excitement of what’s to come.

“All businesses are based on relationships, built on trust, mutual respect and a mutual goal. We have lived it daily for years, your every business relationship is built over time, with effective communication, actively getting involved and being present in every aspect. That’s what ROCCI is about; business relationships, building trust and helping each other succeed. We know where we stand in the business line, whether it is a small or medium or large enterprise, the way forward is, in standing together, building business relationships. The Misconception is the majority of business people don’t understand how wonderful the Chamber works, I am a business owner along with the other ROCCI Executive Members, we are all business owners , we understand and know how beneficial belonging to a Chamber is, and building business relationships determines your success in any business. Be involved, ask questions, contact the Chamber, talk to the staff and get educated, get aware and most of all, understanding and then pursue the trust building of business relationships”, said Leon Marinus ROCCI Executive Member .

ROCCI will be launching a cluster of new developments in 2017, which will bring all businesses closer.

Members attending the event included a variey of business people, such as Otto Krause Attorneys, Hirsch Home Stores, Herbal Life Consultants, Enjo SA, Digitnews, Wirulink and Business Doctors Northcliff amongst others. Many members have been with the ROCCI Chamber for over ten years and some as recent as five months. All Members agreed on one thing, that is that with the Chamber they have developed wonderful and successful business relationships .

The ROCCI will be hosting and posting all exciting new avenues, so keep a look out on the website : and feel free to contact ROCCI at (010)595-9644

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