ROCCI Practices of Code of Ethics and Members in Good Business Standing

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ROCCI Practices of Code of Ethics and Members in Good Business Standing

Please be reminded if you want to clarify if someone is a fellow member and they are Not found on our site, they do not belong to ROCCI and are Not Members.

Sadly the reality of the corruption in our Country, there are peple out there who are using our logos and claiming to be Members, which is simply not true.

To validate if companies are indeed Members, please call us (010) 595 -9644 and we will be happy to inform you correctly if these Members are indeed members of our Chamber and if they are in good Business Standing.

Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry proudly earned the respected reputation of being respected, legitimate, unbiased, professional, friendly and a trustworthy Chamber. 

The Chamber Member Code of Ethics assures consumers that Chamber members are committed to honesty integrity, good business conduct, quality products, workmanship and services, and customer satisfaction. The membership certification displayed on the wall of each Chamber member and use of the Chamber member logo on member web sites and collateral materials is a privilege of members in good standing.

As members of the Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry agree and will strive to:

  • Make every effort to provide quality merchandise, products or services at fair and reasonable prices as quoted
  • Perform transactions and services with honesty and integrity
  • The Chamber expects each member to observe a high standard of business ethics, and to be honest in their dealings with government, officials, the public, firms or other corporations, entities, or organizations with whom the member company transacts, or is likely to transact with.
  • The Chamber expects each member to observe and comply with all laws, rules, and regulations of the Ethical and lawful acts on South Africa, in which members are registered as lawful business entities.
  • Members should avoid any activities that involve or would lead to the involvement of the company in any unlawful practices. Members are expected to endorse the overall Chamber’s mission of promoting, representing and safeguarding the interests of the ROCCI  business community. Members are expected to be reputable representatives of the Chamber and not be using the Chamber in a way which brings discredit to the Chamber.
  • Members should acknowledge that any practice or behaviour of members that contradict the mission or the general interest of the Chamber may result in possible expulsion from membership upon the judgement of the Executive board.

We as an esteemed Chamber of Commerce & Industry, will simply will not stand for being in or allow ourselves to  be in breach of the law of ethics any and all contractual legal agreements, unless so done in authenticity of the law, as well as without your formal legal instruction in writing.

As a Chamber of Commerce & Industry we serve and live by, upholding in standing true to Authenticity, Honesty, Business in Good Standing, Ethical and Moral High Standards of Good Business Conduct, in upholding the law and our responsibilities to all our valued Members as well as our community.

Any Member found in breach of their two year contract, or found,reported, or is conducting unethical,illegal or questionable Business dealings, We at The Chamber reserves the right of admission and reserve the full right to expel those members, and remove them from our platforms.

Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry prides itself with high Morals ethics and values, in all Business in good standing.

We strive to live by our high standards or fair, unbiased, authenticity and professional good codes of conduct and follow the law and codes of ethics to the fullest extent and expect our members to pledge the same. Our Members are held accountable for their Business conduct, thus the success of our Chamber.

For any additional information, please contact our office for clarification, authenticity and validation.

(010) 595 -9644 or mail Legals at

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