Rocci Press Release

April 2019

COIDA what?

Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases Act 2019 Rates


Dear Member,

The attached was published in the Government Gazette on 02 April 2019.

It prescribes the rates at which employers will be assessed in calculating the 2019 annual assessment fee payable to the Compensation Fund (in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act).

January 2019

ROCCI Revamped & Better than Ever!

The Rumour Mill

Members and citizens alike have been abuzz with questions as to where has ROCCI gone and why ROCCI has been quiet. We at ROCCI Reveal exciting news and quench the rumour mill.

ROCCI has been busy Bees in a huge project revamp, taking on and bringing our esteemed Chamber in line with National and International Standards and are launching 2019, in a new ERA and focus in the best interest of the Chamber and its Members.

The revamp has taken a while in order to be thorough and meticulous and we at ROCCI have gone to extreme measures with extensive research, to bring our Members, community and citizens the best value added benefits and have reestablished Business needs and requirements in the best interest of all.

In being a Member of any Chamber worldwide adds credibility to any business, and ROCCI has imprinted their status and good name with over 40 years of business relationships and business and community up-liftment in 4 decades, going above and beyond boundaries and with our out of the box thinking and events, bringing members new things and benefits.

As the ” Voice of Business” in representing our members and their needs, and lobbying on behalf of Members and the community, ROCCI shoulders a huge responsibility to keep everything neutral and fair across the board and to ensure Members are in good standing and uphold good principals and codes of ethics,morals and high standards.

Over the Years ROCCI has always had an open door policy and open mind, always listening to Members needs and wants and have adjusted the Chamber as such. However the sad harsh reality our country has become inundated and exposed to many soiled pits of corruption, questionable business standings,fraud and distasteful business dealings.

Upon our research sourced form many platforms, as a Chamber and as human beings we too were exposed to experience and see all the bad news,we also see the corruption and have experienced the same disappointments and let downs. We sat around the boardroom table asking the hard questions – What can We do to help our Members and the Businesses and our community- the daily problems faced by all such as lack of money, companies understaffed- Labour law and HR problems – Debt Collections- Lobbying- Municipal failures – Load Shedding- Water shortages and business corruption, to name a few.

We at ROCCI went back to the drawing board – thus started our journey and revamp and we have drafted policies and procedures and rules & regulations adapted on a national and International standard in complying with all the laws and by-laws and launch this now.

We at ROCCI have appointed a Sub-Committee to make important decisions on a fair-open minded and neutral basis, with that said we at ROCCI has adapted and implemented the New Anti- Corruption-Non Compliance- Zero Tolerance policy for all Members across the Board, not one person with be with exception. The Sub-Committee will be reviewing all aspects of our ROCCI Members,Associates and New Members Business in good standing, and Members will comply with the new rules and regulations of the Chamber.

“With privilege comes responsibility” -As a member of our esteemed and established Chamber the rules apply to all. Members will be held liable to their contractual obligations, their conduct of business on good standing and be recognised as a Member. All members found to be in non-compliance and breach or have questionable business dealings will be subject to immediate suspension and expelled by the sub-committee if so warranted.

ROCCI’s new implementations are strict, true and should not be taken lightly in any way shape or form. These new rules apply to all and the Sub-Commitee will eliminate all questionable business dealings and expose businesses not in good right,ethical or moral standing.

No one wants to do Business or be exposed to businesses with unsavory and questionable ethics, and we at the ROCCI Chamber agree fully. As a Chamber we shoulder the responsibility to ensure to hold members liable for their actions and measure ethics and morals.

Chambers of Commerce & Industry is the only International Institution world wide, that can give this credibility to Members belonging to a Chamber,and as such members belonging to a Chamber must be deemed eligible,in good business standing and uphold and share the same ethical principals and codes of conduct.

Members will be identified on our Public Platforms and accredited with Certification and be issued their unique membership numbers – Businesses no longer Members of our Chamber and those expelled will not be recognised by our Chamber and our Members will be alerted at the AGM meetings and listings.

The ROCCI Chamber proudly rises up and takes a stand against questionable business dealings, corruption and crime. We will protect our Members in their best interest and hold liable those who are found questionable.

ROCCI Chamber of Commerce & Industry is your Leader, Your Voice in Business and we will lobby and stand for what is right for our Members,our committees and our city.

Lets begin on a positive note, we at ROCCI have got you!

For additional information please contact us at (010) 595-9644 or mail